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What is the best way to lose thigh fat as quickly as possible?

I’m pretty thin except for my thighs. I play basketball every day for about 45 minutes or an hour, or sometimes more. What should i add to that to target weight loss to my thighs, since i don’t have any other fat to even lose?

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5 Responses to “What is the best way to lose thigh fat as quickly as possible?”

  1. Elaina said :

    I had way too much fat in all the wrong zones until I checked out acai berry, I appreciate they say that pills won’t work, but they certainly worked for me, and they’ve been featured on CBS News too. There is a free trial going on at the moment at , try it out, what’s the worst that could happen?

  2. Legend said :

    Do a lot of squats

  3. Nate said :

    Sadly there is no such thing as targeted weightloss. Really just keep up the cardio and have a good balanced diet. Whole grains, lean proteins, lots of fruits and vegetables avoid junk food, drink plenty of water (if you drink a lot of juice and switch it with water that’s a lot of calories right there). Make sure you are not skipping meals as that can throw your metabolism out of whack and your body will want to hold onto the fat it has.

    Moderate weightlifting can also help you burn fat since the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism is. Even if it’s just using your own body weight, push ups, sit ups and so forth.

    Best of luck!

    If you do try and target the area it will likely lead to them become more musclular which could in fact make them look bigger!

  4. said :

    since you run a lot for bball, try swimming or the stair master. Different exercises can help target different muscles in your legs and help with your problem.

  5. T.K T said :


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