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How do I lose thigh fat/muscle quickly?

It looks like I’m pregnant with two babies on the bottom of my thighs… It don’t cooperate with looking good in jeans.

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2 Responses to “How do I lose thigh fat/muscle quickly?”

  1. crazysk8tr15 said :

    the best way to lose leg fat is to run for longer distances, do squats, lunges, hip abductor/adductor machines

    Also check out this blog for great advice on nutrition and fitness:

  2. ankato said :

    Cardio, strength training, and a healthy diet…. Running, swimming, cycling, lunges,squats, lean meats, more veggies and fruits, less sugar and carbs should help a lot

    Spot training is a myth, you have to commit to reducing your allover body fat to reduce your problem areas…. however if your thighs are overdeveloped due to sports, you may consider cross training to develop your upper body (like kayaking, rowing) to even your frame

    Oh and for a quick fix, check out, denim that flatters every figure 🙂


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