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how to lose weight QUICKLY!!!! plz help!!!!?

i need to loose fat in my thighs before like a week…. i go to the lake for 2 weeks out of the summer n its coming up in a week… this is the first year that i have a bikini n i want to look good cuz theres a dock boy up there that i really like… im 15, i run as much as i can everyday (bout 3/4 of a mile [hurt ankle… cant run very much]) i eat very health l8ly… i weigh 155. the more i excersise the more i gain n its really driving me crazy!!!!… PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!

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3 Responses to “how to lose weight QUICKLY!!!! plz help!!!!?”

  1. Zachary Martin said :


  2. ET said :

    Well if you go there every year, for two weeks of the summer, you should have thought of losing weight a long time ago. Try drinking two full glasses of water right before each meal. Have your meal, but walk away when you feel full. The water in your stomach will make you feel full sooner. So if you walk away, you will eat less, and lose weight.

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