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how can i lose weight quickly? please please answer?

ok first lets start by saying i am 13 and going into the 8th grade i am almost 5’6 and i am 135 pounds i no i am not fat per say but i would like to loose about 15 or 20 pounds by the time school starts back up at the end of August i am told i am skinny so i guess a lot of my weight is muscle but i still think i would feel better about my self if i weighed less well thank you a lot in advance

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3 Responses to “how can i lose weight quickly? please please answer?”

  1. lilith said :

    You should exercise, to tone up the areas you don’t like.
    Because your weight is fine.

    Don’t forget, you’re going to need a little extra for you’re growth spurt.

  2. curious ma said :

    Losing weight fast is not a good way to go, you will just put it back on.Go on a sensible diet and add some exercise, even just walking. Weight Watchers works for me. It is a healthy way to lose weight. The link is below but it is good to go to the meetings for support and food ideas and tips.

  3. Erin said :

    hey, we float the same boat. im 14 and going into high school as a freshman. my friends say the same thing too. what worked for me was i had my family support. we ALL started to eat healthier and exercise. try it- not only will you be helping yourself, you will be helping them as well.

    i know, you don’t want to say “mom- im going on a diet.” you’ll get the your-beautiful-the-way-you-are talk. but if you go at it from the “lets do this together because i care” angle, she’ll listen. and YOU WIN!!

    Plus, if instead of sitting on the computer or watching TV (hmmmm, what am i doing now…lol) get out and walk with friends, that’s what my friends and i do. or just go for a run by yourself. It wont be instant, but in about a week or so your tummy and thighs will suck in and become leaner.

    Hope i helped!!!


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