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how do you lose thigh fat quickly?

im 5 foot and weigh 140 but my thighs are nasty. i know its that way mostly because i have a big butt yet i really want to lose a lot of the fat before swim suit season. i have a busy schedule so is there any easy ways to lose the fat quickly?

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5 Responses to “how do you lose thigh fat quickly?”

  1. baby-rae said :

    id like to know

  2. Guy Fawkes said :

    Do SQUATZ and eat alot of OATZ also jog.

  3. Adalea said :

    Whatever you do, do not skip meals it will only cause your body to store fat. Try eating healthy light meals everyday with healthy snacks in between.

  4. martial artist said :

    oh of course losing weight is easy and simple, all you need to do is buy the pills, the bowflex, the green tea, the acai Berrie, the ab swing, ab coaster, the magic bullet, the instant abs and wish for it, sacrifice a goat on the first night of the new moon and you will look great in time for swim suit season

    if it was easy and could be done quickly, wouldn’t everyone be thin and healthy?

    its simple, not easy, not quick. you need strict diet regiment and a vigorous workout program. a total one that is not at all easy and takes 90 days (one of the shortest programs that can work) is p90x

    now i have just given you all the information you need, the question is, are you going to decide to work? commit to your success and understand that it will be neither quick no easy, and if its simple then it will be expensive. you can take that knowledge and move froward or you can continue to believe that there is a simple easy quick fix and get duped by people willing to take your money in exchange for there integrity

    you have what you need

  5. Kelly said :

    I wanna lose too!!! I think squats and lunges are good (everyday). Even riding a bike, walking is good. leg lifts can help too.


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