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How to quickly loose butt, thigh and tummy fat? URGENT!?

I’m about 5’5” and weight about 163 pounds.
I have a large butt that I inherited from my Mother (Thanks Mom!), chubby-ish thighs and a bit of extra tummy fat that I want all gone. I have abs under the tummy fat, I can feel them.

I want to loose most of this excess weight before the new year, any sooner would be amazing.
Are there any easy diets and exercise routines that are good for you ABT?
I eat a healthy diet, not to much processed foods, though I am also a vegetarian…
I just can’t find away to shed the extra pounds.

My BMI is currently 27.1 which is in the overweight range, and I need it down to at least 24 to be in the healthy range.

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5 Responses to “How to quickly loose butt, thigh and tummy fat? URGENT!?”

  1. jicemin said :

    A big butt and thick thighs are hot imo, but if you’re adamant about it then definitely stick to a strict and intense cardio routine.

  2. J-gurl said :

    go to beachbody and get brazil butt lift workout dvd. it targets the exact areas that you mentioned. i’m currently using and i wonder how i went through life without it lol

  3. KIRKUK said :

    eat less,move more is basically ALL what it takes to lose BF BUT whatever diet plans are placed upon this site is totally pointless as there are literally hundreds of similar questions every week asking the exact same thing and every week these all get answered so just eat less, more more
    what im saying is this – just stick to any diet and you will lose excess blubber,its just a matter of time AND more importantly will – power..

  4. Anthony Peters said :

    You don’t get to choose where your fat gets burned from, that’s why you gotta just burn it all off. Don’t be one of those super ripped chicks though. A six pack on a chick is not hot, it’s nice to see a little bit of definition with a nice little layer of fat there to keep it from looking mannish.

  5. orora said :

    The safest way to lose weight is to have a balanced diet, based on real, unprocessed food. People lose weight from all areas of their body but it can take longer to shift from certain areas. Focus on your diet to feel healthy and lose weight and once you feel comfortable start exercising, working on the particular areas you want to tone.

    Follow these rules for a balanced diet that helps you gain health and lose weight:

    1) Absolutely avoid all sugars, sometimes you find them in supposedly “healthy” foods: sugared cereals, pre-cooked vegetables, fruity yogurts, “diet” drinks, etc. Check the labels for these names:
    sugar, syrup, aspartame, everything ending in -ose (e.g. dextrose), everything ending in -tol (e.g. xylitol), added honey (added honey is so processed – prefer plain honey just when you feel you want to boost your immune system, otherwise avoid it for weight loss).
    Do not too many or too sweet fruit, a couple of oranges or a banana per day provide the necessary vitamins and minerals.

    2) Eat wholemeal/wholegrain/wholeskin. They are more filling, so you don’t get hungry easily and they balance your blood sugar levels.

    3) This is important for weight loss:
    Do not mix carbohydrates with fat, carbohydrates make your body release insulin which helps fat get stored. So avoid eating them together, for example have either steak with salad or rice with vegetables, don’t have steak with rice. An easy way to remember this is:
    Anything that comes from something with a face (e.g. eggs from chicken, beef from cow) should not be mixed with anything that comes from the earth (e.g. potatoes, rice, wheat-based foods). Salads go with both, they have lots of water.
    Don’t worry about eating fat and don’t eat less, as long as you combine the foods as described fat will not get stored and you will burn from what you already have. Some foods contain both carbohydrates and fat (e.g. milk, nuts), for this reason prefer low-fat milk, avoid nuts and combine yogurt with other foods according to its fat percentages. Full fat yogurt goes with fats, low fat yogurt goes with carbohydrates.

    4) Drink lots of water. Fat is insoluble in blood, so it gets flushed away with water.

    5) Beware of any intolerances you might have. Check the source about these, you might also need an initial 5-day detox, in case you have candida albicans. You don’t need to follow a plan, it’s only a couple of rules you can follow for healthy eating.

    6) Eat 3 regular meals, 4 hours apart from each other to give your body time to digest the food. If you feel hungry have some snack but try to eat good meals instead of snacks, to help your body understand regularity of meals.

    Breakfast: yogurt or hard boiled eggs or omelet or sandwich with brown bread, lettuce, tomato, cucumber or whole plain oats with chopped banana and low-fat milk.
    Lunch: salad with fish or chicken, olives and olive oil, vinegar and herbs dressing.
    Dinner: beef/pork steak with salad or wholemeal pasta with tomato sauce or chicken curry with salad or rice with vegetables.
    Snack (optional): orange or kiwi or plain yogurt

    Make sure you warm up, some jogging and stretching will do. Check the links for some ideas:

    Follow these rules and by the new year you will be thinner, your BMI will improve, plus your immune and nervous system will benefit.


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