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What’s the best way to loose about 10-15lbs quickly?

My wife has been working on a project out of town, and I have noticed that I have packed on some extra weight. She’s coming home in 2-3 weeks, and I don’t want to greet her looking like this. How can I loose it in 2-3 weeks?
Of course, I’m looking for safe and healthy ideas, here!

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2 Responses to “What’s the best way to loose about 10-15lbs quickly?”

  1. Daniee said :

    Well first you need to cut back your calories – aim for 1200 to 1500 calories per day… DO NOT go below 1200 calories, your body will go into starvation mode and you wont lose any weight.

    Then you need to develop an exercise routine that includes BOTH cardio and strength training. For cardio you should aim for at LEAST 30 mintues 3 times per week.
    For Strength you should try 3 days per week also, and alternate between Upper body (arms), Lower body (legs) and core (abs/back) strength training. You can do all three each time you do strength training, or focus on ONE group each day.
    But remember you should always have a day of rest in between strength training, and YES you can do strength training the same days you do cardio, in fact you should do strength first, and then your cardio so you get the maximum calorie burn from your workout!

    Also Sparkpeople(.com) is a great website with TONS of weightloss tips and a community of people trying to lose weight just like you (i’m on there) and best of all its absolutely FREE!!

    Good luck

  2. alicia said :

    Want to lose more in a short time, especially when you’re pressed for an event that is fast approaching? How to do this without pass beyond that you put your health at risk?
    Start with cardio exercises
    The latest studies show that the exercise should begin with the cardio. The researchers examined four ways to make sport: just run, just endurance sports, running, followed by resistance and vice versa. They found that two hours after exercise, those who ran and then did strength exercises will still burn calories.
    Do intense exercise
    If you want to lose quickly some kg is time to increase training intensity. You can inclined treadmill or adjust your static bicycle so you get over the area where you feel comfortable. Though unpleasant, the benefits are great.
    Use your whole body
    Most cardio exercise , channel on the underside of the body (cycling, running, climbing stairs), but if you want to burn more calories is essential to include the top. Use your hands constantly while running and do complex movements that require them as much. As many muscles you move, the more you will lose weight faster.


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