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Best tips to loose weight quickly?

I weight around 210-215, I want to do this for myself and quick… I need tips on loosing weight fast on knowing what types of meal i should have and what type of workout activities I should do?

Hints on meals as: fruits, foods, how many times a day etc…

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6 Responses to “Best tips to loose weight quickly?”

  1. Sasuke U said :

    try ecercising eat healthy almost no fat and in no time you will be fine

    also drink water

  2. kate said :

    Get a project that keeps you so busy , you barely have time to eat . . .
    Like haul everything out of all the closets for a yard sale
    Or decide to paint the living room
    Or anything that has a ton of stuff to do & just a few weeks to do it.

  3. cyanide said :

    The fastest way I know how to lose weight is weights. Walk/run/workout with weights. You’ll burn fat fast. Also try the Smash diet. That’s what I am on right now.

  4. Comicballer said :

    drink lots of water eat 5-6 meals a day but small portions excercise alot dont starve yourself dont eat burger king or any fast food crap dont eat at night wait 3 hours before your last meal for your food to fully digest before you go to bed to go to bed on a full stomach chew your food about forty times i know its kinda wierd and after the first 10 chews you ll want to swollow but just resist the temptation and my last advice would be not to give up even if you dont lose it fast your still loseing wieght

  5. sen said :

    Some one on this sight introduced me to Slim Tea from the health shop its all natural and helps get rid of excess water and stuff out of your bowels. Also walk at least every second night for 40 minutes or more. That’s what I’m doing and I’ve lost a little weight. Its only been a month now. About food the more raw the food is ie;fruits and veg the healthier its is. If your diet is quite healthy just decrease the portion size. If your anything like me and have procrastinated about your weight for a while I think a slow approach is better and when you start seeing small results than increase your exercise and diet more. Good luck.

  6. Britney said :

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