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how can i loose weight quickly? within about 1/2 months?

i want to loose weight because im not happy with my body image, summers coming up and im going on holiday with my family and another one with my friends, my friends are all very slim and petite and all seem very confident!
i want to loose weight so i can feel like that too!
any ideas on fast weight loss?

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4 Responses to “how can i loose weight quickly? within about 1/2 months?”

  1. Pseudonym said :

    maybe liposuction? i dunno, or I would be skinny lol

  2. I <333 JoNaS bRoThErS said :

    Dont eat after 7 PM… thats because the more you eat at night, the more it stores in your body. My sister has been doing that for a week and shes lost 6 pounds already. in a half month you would be able to lose atleast the minimum 14 pounds.
    HOPE I HELPED>>>good luck

  3. whoaitsarto said :

    i have a diet that i used to lose weight over the summer and i lost 20 lbs but im warning you its defintely not a healthy one. If you really think you’re over – weight and you feel you absolutely need to lose weight you can do this. Do it for a month.
    Monday and Tuesday- 2 glasses of whole milk .. THATS IT ! and as much water as you’de like.

    wednesday and thursday – over the course of the entire day 2 lbs of vegetables and 2 fruits NO DRESSING.

    and just alternate this every 2 days… might feel some constipation take some exlax but this should do it .. tough and dont cheat !

  4. Diush said :

    Hi Alice,

    First of all let me know I am live proof of an ex-fatty (even this may sound dodgy, I’m not going to sell you anything). Since I moved (around 4 years ago) I had been gaining weight (2 to 3 kilos a year), I decided to stop before weighting 100 and I went to this dietist.

    What I’m going to say is nothing new, but you mainly have to change your mentality, because being fatty is more in the mind that in your body. Radical changes?, well here you go:

    Take your warm meal during lunch and not in the evening (you’ll use more energy during the day than at night), so replace it with a plate of grain (helps you clean your stomach), and (semi-) skimmed milk.

    I don’t know hold you are and your life in general, but eat less meat. I’m 28 working at an office and all I do is walk whenever I can (weekends). My dietist recommended I ate 100 gr. meat or chicken per day, 100 gr. salmon per week (or another fatty fish), or as much as I want of any non-fat fish.

    Eat vegetables, and 3 fruits a day (and not more because they have lots of sugar). Advocado is forbidden, corn and bananas too. Take it easy because even it seems strict you’ll see the changes in your body (in a healthy way)

    So, my recommendation is do sports (eg. walk slow, then fast, faster, then slow down, walk faster, slow down.. got it?), stop eating candies (although you can eat one bisquit a day), stop consumming too much butter and oil (2 spoons oil a day should be enough). Ah! and forget about alcohol!!!

    My dietist recommended me to eat a praline and one bisquit a day… and I don’t do it because I want to save calories for the weekend (I like eating cheese and wine).

    The trick is: write down everything you eat and at what time you eat it, if you feel like eating something seriously “wrong”, take only one bite and then focus on your mind you don’t eat more, otherwise you won’t feel any pleasure. Eat when you’re hungry, eat fresh and light. Visit a dietist (I think most of the people who want to loose weight need direction, like I did)


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