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How to loose as much weight it’s possible within 4 hours?

ANY tips,just want to look thinner quickly..

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4 Responses to “How to loose as much weight it’s possible within 4 hours?”

  1. Dave Roberts said:

    Take a laxative and wait for the onslaught of toilet visits, it will clear out your guts and make you a little bit thinner. Also do lots of exercise or sit in a sauna – sweating lots will make you loose water and some weight. None of this advice is recommended, it will dehydrate you!

  2. martslice said:

    The fastest way to lose weight in that amount of time is to sweat!

    You can drop pounds by getting rid of water weight.

    However, you are not going to look any different by loosing a few pounds!

    If you want to look thinner than you need to wear something that makes you look thinner or wear something that squashes you together.

    In conclusion, with 4 hours you should be thinking about what to wear to make you look thinner and not how to loose weight because you would have to loose a considerable amount of weight in order to look thinner. The only way to do that would be to loose some limbs!

  3. **Megan Nikole** said:

    lol in 4 hours?? I don’t think that is possible maybe get some spanx if your just trying to look slimmer in an outfit.

  4. bscoms said:

    I can give you an answer that will help you for a lifetime, not just 4 hours –
    Your body is like an engine, and it burns fuel. Some fuel is stored (fat, or glycogen in muscles), and some fuel can come from what you’ve eaten.
    You need to get in a habit of forcing your body to burn fuel that is stored (fat) effectively, to stay trim and fit.
    However, your “body engine” needs at least 20 minutes to warm up to become efficient at burning the fat. I won’t go into detail on this – but your “Target Heart Rate” is important to learn about and understand. You need to be at (or above) your THR for 20 minutes before your body starts to burn fat effectively. That means – plan on going on slow jogs or long walks that are upwards of 30 minutes or more. Remember – a 30 minute walk only produces 10 good minutes of fat burning though, so if you commit one hour to the process – your body is effectively burning fat for 40 minutes.
    Timing is also key – you need to fool your body in the mornings. When you wake up – your body has spent the most time since the last meal, and is hungry again, but don’t feed it yet. That’s when you go on the long walk or jog, because then your body engine kicks in the fat burning more quickly and more effectively, rather than trying to tap into recently digest food and your glycogen (energy in muscles).
    I recommend a book – Eat to Win to see a great way of eating and performing well in your life, not just a diet to trim down. Martina Navritolova used that plan and she played pro tennis into her 50s because she was so healthy from it. U.S. Olympic teams used it also.
    Take care, hope this helps.


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