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How To Lose As Much Weight Possible In Two Weeks (HELP!!!)?

My senior prom is coming up in two weeks (on the 22nd) and i need to loose some pounds in order to fit properly into my dress,
I’m thinking maybe 10- 15 pounds.
i know losing weight quickly is really bad for my health, but right now i’m desperate,
please help me out!
(Oh, and im 18 by the way, just in case anyone wonders.)

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6 Responses to “How To Lose As Much Weight Possible In Two Weeks (HELP!!!)?”

  1. αиgєℓ™.•*♥ said :

    It’s okay, I’ve had schemes to lose 50 pounds in two weeks [didn’t work]
    Well, jump rope every day for 20 minutes- 10 in the morning and 10 in the evening- that should take care of about 10 of it. The other five will be a breeze, just completely stop eating junk and white bread. (:

    Hope you do well
    God Bless


    I am 17 btw!

  2. Indigo Smith said :

    Google negative calorie foods. You can only eat these for two weeks. Keep the portions small and workout everyday for two hours. You can probably lose 10 pounds if you don’t crack in the whole two weeks.

  3. nunna said :

    cut down on bread
    no sweets
    fruits and veggies
    lean meats
    RUN alot

  4. Logan said :

    Just do any type of cardio until you puke, then continue doing it

  5. StarGirl said :

    Oh my god are you actually me writing this question. I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM! I need to squeeze into my siz 10 dress, I’m a 12, I have a month and a half and i’m 18! LOL

    My plan is:
    Healthy eating (No cake, chocolate, sweets, fizzy drink.) LOTS OF Fruit and Veg, and Fibre to fill me up.

    Sit ups every night before i go to bed, (i’ll probably start with 60, then do 5 extra every night)

    Jogging when i get in from school

    AND NO snacking.

    I hope this helps. Alsoooo i’ve found in the past that if i tell my family that i’m going on a diet, then i feel more motivated as to not stray from the diet. 🙂 hope this helps.

  6. alicia said :

    Want to lose more in a short time, especially when you’re pressed for an event that is fast approaching? How to do this without pass beyond that you put your health at risk?
    Start with cardio exercises
    The latest studies show that the exercise should begin with the cardio. The researchers examined four ways to make sport: just run, just endurance sports, running, followed by resistance and vice versa. They found that two hours after exercise, those who ran and then did strength exercises will still burn calories.
    Do intense exercise
    If you want to lose quickly some kg is time to increase training intensity. You can inclined treadmill or adjust your static bicycle so you get over the area where you feel comfortable. Though unpleasant, the benefits are great.
    Use your whole body
    Most cardio exercise , channel on the underside of the body (cycling, running, climbing stairs), but if you want to burn more calories is essential to include the top. Use your hands constantly while running and do complex movements that require them as much. As many muscles you move, the more you will lose weight faster.


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