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Can I loose as much weight walking as I could by jogging?

I always go out intending to jog but I end up walking every time. I just don’t feel good when I jog. I get out of breath quickly and cramp up right away. I had a jogging class last semester and I cut my mile time by like 3 minutes but then I got out of shape again during the summer. Anyway, I guess my question is…how much more do I need to walk to start losing weight then I would if I were jogging? I know it’s going to take me longer to see a real difference since I’m not overweight in the first place. I’m 5’4 and I think I weigh around 113 and I’m trying to get back down to my high school weight of 107. I never had to exercise before last year. I think it’s the college food. Ugh. Anyway, if anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has any ab exercises they think I could benefit from, I would love to hear that too. THANKS!!!

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6 Responses to “Can I loose as much weight walking as I could by jogging?”

  1. LR said:

    You have to walk a lot longer, but yes.

  2. marcquas said:

    yes but it will take longer

  3. Orla C said:

    Why don’t you start out by say, walking 30 steps, then jogging 30 steps, and alternating this? I would say that your problem is currently that you don’t feel fit enough to jog continuously, but if you do the alternating thing, after a week or so you could increase your jogging steps to 35 and reduce your walking steps to 25.

    Your goal should be first to get fit, and then weight will just take care of itself, if your diet is sensible.

  4. jbmich said:

    Use this exercise calorie calculator (link below) to calculate the calories you burn while jogging or walking to figure out how much you need to walk to burn the calories you want.

    Also below is a link to a page that lists several abdominal exercises (with links to instructions and free fitness video demos on how to do the exercises).

  5. Alicia said:

    No, you loose more weight jogging! Also, your weight is fine for your height :S

  6. alicia said:

    Want to lose more in a short time, especially when you’re pressed for an event that is fast approaching? How to do this without pass beyond that you put your health at risk?
    Start with cardio exercises
    The latest studies show that the exercise should begin with the cardio. The researchers examined four ways to make sport: just run, just endurance sports, running, followed by resistance and vice versa. They found that two hours after exercise, those who ran and then did strength exercises will still burn calories.
    Do intense exercise
    If you want to lose quickly some kg is time to increase training intensity. You can inclined treadmill or adjust your static bicycle so you get over the area where you feel comfortable. Though unpleasant, the benefits are great.
    Use your whole body
    Most cardio exercise , channel on the underside of the body (cycling, running, climbing stairs), but if you want to burn more calories is essential to include the top. Use your hands constantly while running and do complex movements that require them as much. As many muscles you move, the more you will lose weight faster.


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