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How much weight can I loose in 9 weeks?

Hi everyone,

I’m going to try to loose weight for the next 9 weeks. How much will you think I’ll loose?
Here’s the thing, I’m ill… I have very severe migraines and I seem to get high fevers everytime I move too quickly and if my body hits something hot like a heater etc. (I know, weird right? I just got a blood test on that to figure out what extacly it is. So, I’m not too sure about that yet.)

Do you guys have any good tips to keep my body cool/ not too much movement? But, still loose the weight? Especially that summer is coming.. I’m dead.. the sun and it’s heat is gonna kill me! haha
PLS HELP! Even if it’s just a pound a week. I’ll do it! pls help me!

PS: food intake plan will be awesome aswell.

Thanks a bunch!

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One Response to “How much weight can I loose in 9 weeks?”

  1. Belle said:

    well for starters, you need to make sure your well enough to do this, as otherwise you may find yourself in hospital. You could do excersizes which just tone, your body, ever so slightly so that you don’t get too hot – like yoga.. but if this is not possible then just stick to cutting your calorie intake, which is really simple.
    you just need to eat less than your already eating, 200 less is a good place to start then maybe 400 as the weeks move one, however i advise you not to go below 500 for a long period of time as this can lead to health problems.
    you could start by not eating as many carbs (bread, pasta etc) as these will not be burnt off if your not exercising, also avoid junk food.. and fill up on lots of fruit and veg as they have litle calories and trace fat.
    there are loads more or tips i could give you but it would take up the whole page :} so just stick to these basics and you’ll be losing weight in no time. i’m happy to help if you need anymore advice, support or whatever. xgood luck


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