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how much weight can you loose by throwing up? ( more info)?

I recently found out that my best friend has been doing this (or so my friends have been telling me this). But the thing is I didn’t know because im not in actual physical contact with her… One of my other best friends ( who is also her best friend and whom also is in constant physical contact with her) said she was really thin and looks bad ( I am NOT trying to be mean but she was kind of thick but NOT fat).

So last week I actually saw her and she was quite thin and she lost so much!

but the reason for my question is that she does NOT know that I actually know she’s been doing this and she LIED!!!! to me and said she has been “exercising” ( she was around 160and now shes 120) so could there be a possibility she’s throwing up??? and she also lost this quite quickly (last time i saw her (5 months ago) she was thick) and Im scared for her and YEAH i know i “have to tell someone and blah blah blah ” but i just wanna make sure she might be before i confront her….

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5 Responses to “how much weight can you loose by throwing up? ( more info)?”

  1. Alice Melton said :

    you can lose alot by throwing up and if she was exsersiing she would look healthy and have a glow to her because she would also have to eat healthy foods because you can’t exsersise and then eat junk food and lose that much so she probably is throwing up.

  2. The Iron Giant said :

    Most of the weight is water weight which she would lose for throwing up. And your body is 90% water so……

  3. Sophina said :

    She could’ve used diet pills. You should ask her. Don’t jump straight to conclusions, though. Be subtle when asking her. She may feel insulted if you ask her about throwing up…

  4. Angel Koon said :

    follow her aroud for a little while then if you feel like she really is talk to her parents tell them to watch her carefuly and to not tell her you talked to them (them as in parents) tell them to keep an eye out to see if shes acting suspicuas or something like wipeing her face with a sleave after going to bathroom kk hope shes exsersizeing and not throwing up oh well only time will tell

  5. Adam said :

    That isn’t very healthy


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