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How can I loose more weight? HELP, please.?

Hi! I need some advice here. Please help. I am 21 years old and I weigh about 147 right now. I am 5 foot 5. I want to loose 32 pounds as quickly as possible. I am a vegetarian and I eat VERY healthily. Mostly organic. I never eat out. I eat anywhere from 800 calories to 1200 calories per day. It all depends on how busy I am on a given day. I never go over 1200 in a day. On average, I eat about 25-35 grams of fat per day, 115-130 grams of carbs per day (never more than 130), about 60 grams of protein per day, along with a good amount of fiber. I don’t really eat bread, so those carbs are mainly from fruits, veggies, yogurt, or vegetarian meats. When I say I eat very well, I mean, I don’t really eat any cheese products and I watch my carb intake very carefully. I read the labels of everything, to make sure it is healthy. I won’t eat anything that I do not know the nutritional facts about or the ingredients. I also take as many vitamins as I should each day, along with the appetite suppressant, hoodia.

I go to the gym 5 -7 days per week. I do one hour on the treadmill with a walking/running mixture. Then I do about 35 minutes on the elliptical/bike. I record the calories I burn each time at the gym and it is anywhere between 700-900. I do not allow myself to burn less than 700 calories anytime I go to the gym. I also do ab, some arm, and butt workouts.

Here is the problem… I weigh myself all the time and I cannot seem to loose as much weight as I want to be loosing. It took a very long time for me to get from 155 to 147 and I don’t understand why. I am working out so much. I push myself so hard and I try so hard not to eat too much. Is it possible that my body is just stuck at this weight? It seems like it is going to be very hard to even get to 140. I was originally about 260 pounds, maybe more. I went from 260 to 147 in 7 months. I used to suffer from a binge eating disorder, due to emotional damage. From time to time, maybe once every 2 weeks, when I am sitting around, I do still binge eat, but only with healthy foods (fruits, yogurt, hummus, etc) and not nearly as much as I used to. I have just worked so hard and continue to work really hard and I am just scared that my body just doesn’t want to loose anymore weight. Does anyone have any suggestions for me or answers as to why it is so difficult for me to loose more weight? Should I burn more calories at the gym? If so, how many more? Change my diet? Change my workout routine? Could I be gaining muscle weight?

Honestly, I really need to be at most, 125 pounds come April 15, 2011. It is March 7, 2011. Do you think that is possible?

PLEASE HELP! Thank you.

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6 Responses to “How can I loose more weight? HELP, please.?”

  1. Teresa said :

    It’s good
    you burnt your fat
    now you earn muscle
    muscle weigh more than fat
    that’s why I don’t care how much I weigh
    as long as I look good :p

  2. Sushila Thapa said :

    There is no reason to ever go off a low carb way of eating, you slowly re introduce carbs to your way of eating and as long as you don’t exceed 9grams of carbs an hour (144 carbs a day) you won’t trigger insulin (the fat storage hormone) no matter the calories. Most of us do low carb most of the time & if we cheat & slip back into low carb the next day. I still cheat with sugar occasionally. It’s just not a regular part of my life (as it was preAtkins, 6 years ago, when I felt it controlled me & I had no control)

  3. Dustin Callahan said :

    First of all, congrats on all of the work you’ve accomplished losing weight. What you’ve done is no small feat and not something many have the discipline to follow through with. Having said that, relax with yourself and tell yourself that you are perfect right where you are at. That will put you in a relaxed state of mind moving forward.

    It sounds like what you were doing at 260 worked to get you where you are but may now need some adjusting. It is possible you may have reached near your optimal weight for your body type or it could be as simple as introducing a new strategy (diet and fitness…adding green smoothies to your diet and more salads might be something to try). I’d recommend finding a holistic nutritionist or naturopath (ND) for recommendations tailored to your specific needs and body type.

    In the online world you may enjoy being a part of the “Live Lightly” community which supports others like yourself with recipes, diet plans, exercise routines and an interactive forum where you can share both your successes and failures with others.

    A delicious smoothie recipe that I make is handful of spinach, 1 cucumber chopped, 1/2 avocado, juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon, sea salt, cayenne pepper. Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth and serve. Should serve at least 2 or 1 as a full meal.

  4. ? said :

    I really feel for you and your struggle to shed some weight.
    Been there, trust me, it wasn’t easy. You said you use “hoodia”, please can you specify the particular one and how you actually use it?
    Do take note of the following:
    1. you need to eat say once a day when on suppressants
    2. the suppressant should be taken in the morning
    3. lots of water should be taken during the day
    4. Eat only once a day, say in the evenings
    5. Daily exercise is a must
    6. for faster results fat burners can be combined with the suppressants.

    The site below gives you more info on this:

  5. Angel Johnston said :

    Hi ,
    I was in the same situation as you a few months ago.
    I started the Diet Solution Program, and it doing a super job for me.
    it the best solution I found and works really well
    I Hope this can answer you consern
    Good luck to you

  6. EddySays said :

    One of the laws of the Universe is this –
    You have to burn 3500 calories more than you consume to lose a pound of body fat.
    There is not one single documented case of someone adding or maintaining weight just by breathing.
    You HAVE to be eating more calories than you are admitting if you are not losing weight.
    You are almost on the right track.
    The hoodia is a complete waste of money as are all unapproved “diet pills”
    Your desperation is what is what these con artists rely on.


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