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what is the best way to lose weight fast with out going on a expencive diet?

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14 Responses to “what is the best way to lose weight fast with out going on a expencive diet?”

  1. jollyboy booboo said :

    not eat?

  2. Bart S said :

    Reduce carbohydrates and fats to a small amount, and fill up on vegetables and protein. Support your diet with regular excercise to make the weight fall off faster.
    Easy to say, I know! Good luck!

  3. hopper13 said :

    eat healthily, cut out fatty foods and cut down on carbs, make your meal portions smaller and drink skimmed milk and diet soft drinks, do more exercise and dont eat margerine or butter, eat healthy cereals in the morning and eat lots of fruit and drink plently of water

  4. GOG said :

    You could try the Atkins diet it work really well for fast weight loss but has its health questions.
    The link below has some good tips for weight loss.

  5. Frikes said :

    tell the fat slob to get offa you!

  6. Andrew L said :

    Article quite large. So simply advise here
    Good luck to you!

  7. Xanthippe said :

    All the above answers. I just stopped eating fattening foods like cakes, chocolate, pizza and chips, until I lost a dress size. I lost my taste for sweet things quite quickly.

    I also take regular exercise. It is important to eat breakfast. Don’t have your main meal in the evening – it is better to eat regular small meals throughout the day. Make sure you drink plenty of water as well.

    Edit:- some of the above answers!

  8. me said :

    first there are no quick fixes you just need to start healthy eating and get some exercise

  9. M~K said :

    Lots of cardio!! Start hitting the gym.

  10. marsbar said :

    No bread, (no carbs ) no sauces and you’ll lose quite a lot in a week, try to cut out just that and see the difference! But believe me, you gonna starve yourself that way cos your body needs energy and carbs are good 4 energy. Its ok to have carbs in the morning to give you that energy you need. And in the afternoon and eve none. Try to drink 2 litres of water also to speed things up.

  11. mike h said :

    There is really only one way (and expensive diets are a waste of time!!!) and that is to eat a good balanced diet (normal healthy food) and excercise!! It’s really quite simple.

    The current reccomended healthy eating plan is four or five small to medium meals a day, each one (apart from breakfast) should contain some carbohydrates (rice/pasta/potatoes etc) (regardless of what some ridiculous diets say, you need carbs for energy) some protien (chicken, fish, etc) and lots of vitamins minerals and antioxidants (fresh fruit and veg). You can pile your plate high with as much veg and snack on as much fruit/fruit juice as you like. Just keep one day a week as your ‘treat day’ where you get a takeaway/pizza/whatever.

    Also excercise is essential. Cardio excercise will not only keep you healthy, increase your lung function and decrease your resting heart rate, it will also burn off a lot of calories, keeping you slim. If you keep your body fat levels to a healthy level, then your body will look a lot more toned and healthy. The best ways to do this are probably running and swimming, but cycling, x training, etc are good too.

    Weight training is also important, use light weights with lots of reps and you will tone and define your muscles without ‘bulking up’, which will keep your body strong and supple, but also increase your metabolism so you burn off even more calories even when you are resting!

    Honestly hun, it’s really simple and quite easy once you get into the hang of it. Good luck.

  12. tomorjerry said :

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  13. eastern_eu said :

    there is something called Montignac’s or the French diet, google out “Michel Montignac” and you’ll find it, it works pretty well

  14. Richardgow said :

    Fatiguing has been totally the journey. As someone pointed on unpretentious remedies, delving into the coterie of hemp has been eye-opening. From THC tinctures to hemp seeds and protein pulverize, I’ve explored a brand of goods. Teeth of the confusion surrounding hemp, researching and consulting experts have helped journey this burgeoning field. Entire, my experience with hemp has been favourable, gift holistic well-being solutions and sustainable choices.


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