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need advice on how to loose more weight.?

Okay i had a baby 8 months ago and i went threw a period of depression for a year i gained a load of weight i got up too 215 over a period of two years and im only 5’3″ a have always been around 130lbs my whole life so you could imagine my complete discuss when i gained so much so quickly but i understood it was all my fault i should of tookin care of myself better, so i decided to try to loose my Weight and get back in shape after i had my daughter. i work out every day sometimes twice a day and i eat healthy and No junk food no sugar i lost about 32lbs and for the last two months i have been hovering over the same weight it driving me crazy my doctor says i need to loose between 20 and 30 lbs in three months and i have tried everything and it seems nothing works. what can i do to re boost my weight lose.

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5 Responses to “need advice on how to loose more weight.?”

  1. girls8me said :

    I’ve found a few simple ways to lose weight effectively, without furrowing your brow and beating your chest in despair.

    There are a ton of weight loss programs out there — all making promises — so it can be hard to know what to do in order to make a plan work for you. If you burn more calories than you lose, you will lose weight. This is a simple concept and most people understand it. Although simple, it can be hard to even lose a little weight. With some small adaptations to your diet, smart choices and easy decisions, weight loss will start to come naturally.

    Some changes you could start with are having vegetable soup, sandwiches or wraps for lunch. If you make a vegetable soup, blend it up and the texture will remind you of creamed soups, but without the fat. Adding fresh or freshly ground herbs (an herb grinder works well for this) to the soup will work wonders for the taste.

    You could check out plain yoghurt instead of sour cream, low fat cheese for regular, bake with a half and half (sugar and sweetener) mixture instead of pure sugar, and you can use olive oil (and excellent fat by the way) as a substitute for butter or even margarine. Olive oil is a single ingredient food and besides being a lot healthier, is easier to keep track of, calorie content wise.

    f you grab a snack, be sure and look at the label for fat content. Wholegrain crackers or yogurt or a low fat string cheese are great things to nibble on. Use reduced fat dairy and spray on oils, or better yet, a little olive oil.

  2. Brad said :

    It is crucial to eat effectively to remain healthy. Acai berry is an awesome super food that keeps you healthy and also has the bonus of helping you to lose a load of weight. There’s a free trial happening currently at , try it, why not?

  3. Grid2671 said :

    my sister just had a child and she went on a diet where you eat ur dinner foods for breakfast and light morning breakfasts at night. ull burn off the big meal you ate in the morning by working all day and when you eat the light breakfast for dinner it wont have to do a whole lot before bed cuz its not sitting in you while you sleep. it seems to work for…

  4. farraj said :

    I have no idea what your workouts are, nor what you eat or how much of it. So I can’t really tell what you are doing wrong, but…

    Everyone tends to get a ‘bad week’ when he/she doesn’t lose any weight although they do everything right (or think they do). When that happens, you go back to basics:

    You only lose weight when you burn more than you eat, that’s all. Your body wil not go near your body fat if it gets what it needs from food. Why would it?

    For some reason common people think that healthy food doesn’t have any calories. And that even if they over eat, they won’t gain any weight. So they never bother to count calories to see if they ate the right amount or if they over done it.

    Please check how much you burn every day (resting metabolism X workout factor), then check how much you eat every day, then fix it to match.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. WildIris said :

    OK, the straight shot here: Calories in


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