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I need to loose as much weight as possible by February13th…?

I’m in a business competition and I’m going to be wearing a suit. It’s too tight on me and I don’t have enough money to by a new one. Also, I’ve found that the better I feel about my appearence the better I usualy perform. Any ideas on how to drop weight quickly? I don’t care if I gain it back afterwords, I just need to loose a lot quickly. So far I’ve replaced one meal a day with a slim fast and I’ve stopped eating after 8 pm. I’ve heard that drinking lot’s of ice cold water works. I already walk 2 miles a day with a 60 lb backpack to get to and from the bus but because I do full-time college and do 4 high school clubs (duel enrolment) I don’t have time for much else. I weigh 230 lbs, I’m 5′ 5″ and I’m 17. Please only serious and relativly safe answers…no I can’t stop eating all together, I can’t cut of an arm, and I don’t have the money to go buy diet pills! Also, I have horrible will-power so any advice on how to work on that would be good too.

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9 Responses to “I need to loose as much weight as possible by February13th…?”

  1. DIRKDIGGLER said :

    water pills are cheap and they help you get rid of excess water retained in your body equaling weight loss and a reduction in size

  2. ricky h said :

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  3. josephkuehl said :

    walking is good, jogging would be better? if you have a dog, take it on walks/jogs. cut back on carbs. just general exercise. weight lifting is good, but not too heavy. you just wanna lose weight not build muscle. the best is lots of running/jogging and sittups.

  4. mist said :

    eat vegetables

  5. Heather said :

    Try this fasting diet, it doesnt make you crave food, and is extremely healthy. I have friends that have been on this fast 2, 3, 4, and more times. It helps you lose weight, boosts energy, and cleans out your system all in one! Im actually going to try it this week! The fast consists of a lemonade type of drink. It contains lemon, maple syrup, and canye pepper. To get more info on this fast, look up “The Master Cleanser.” My cousin lost 15 pounds in ten days! The great thing about htis is, you dont have to do the fast for a strict number of days, you can cut it off after 3, or 5 days! But if you really want those results, try it for an extended period. Good Luck!

  6. D-a said :

    hope this helps

  7. Jenny said : you can eat eggs,ham,sugar free pudding,fudge bars and jello so your not starving basically stay away from breads,cookies,sugars,I lost 15 pound in a month good luck! check it out

  8. david I said :

    the best way is to get really sick, that seems to work for alot of people, or get the jaw wired up

  9. shortstuff said :

    Losing weight sensibly is the key. Trying to lose quickly is not the way to do it & maybe with advanced planning, you could have reached a sensible weight for your competition on the 13th. I would suggest that you see your family doctor & seek his advice as how to lose weight sensibly & keep it off. Drinking lots of water daily, & it shouldn’t be ice cold all the time, aids in food digestion & weight loss, not to mention, flushing the impurities out of your body. Eating sensibly, getting enough exercise daily, & drinking water daily, is the key to permanent weight loss & a heathier you.


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