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i need to loose weight in 2 weeks (pleease answer quickly)?

right so i need to lose as much weight as possible in 2 weeks please don’t lecture me about how unhealthy it is and no diet pills or hard diets are there any secrets that will help me?
please help me i have to slim into a Bridesmaid’s dress by the 3rd of september (i was only told this evening it was a suprise thing)

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4 Responses to “i need to loose weight in 2 weeks (pleease answer quickly)?”

  1. natedaman said :

    eat 3-4 apples every day the weight just comes right off.

  2. runnercaiti1 said :

    Chop your head off.

  3. true help said :

    only fruit and alkaline water you’ll loose more weight than you wanted to loose just dont cheet

  4. night owl said :

    eat healthy drink water and cinnamon helps ur metabolism and do some running and other stuff to get fit how much do u need to lose


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