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Best way to loose weight quickly?

I’m 19 years old, height is 5.2″ and my weight is 70Kg.. Please tell me how to loose weight fast like i know about exercise and eating healthy but other than that any pills or laxative and stuff please i wanna go down to 56kg 🙁

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5 Responses to “Best way to loose weight quickly?”

  1. anonymous said :

    diet and exercise is your only choice. there are no pills or laxatives that will help you. if you want to lose weight and be healthy, go for the diet and exercise.

  2. kay said :

    if you want to weight 180 pounds, then eat 1800 calories – good balanced diet and exercise, drink water ( minimum daily requirements is 8 – 8oz glasses)
    that site has a lot of helpful information on it.

    weight 165 pounds – 1650 calories ;
    weight 160 pounds – 1600 calories ;
    weight 120 pounds – 1200 calories ;
    basically what weight you should be and add a zero 0 , thats how many calories you should take in daily,

    our bodies need a good balance of a variety of foods, a good 7 grain bread ; nuts ; raisins ; fruits ; cereals – the kinds that are not full of sugars ; green veggies ; yellow veggies ; beans / legumes ; peanut butter – a good one that’s not full of sugar ; as for meats – chicken ; fish – salmon is best – tuna is also good ; beef – which has less than 20% fat content ; you can spice foods up with seasonings and make them taste better, but be very careful of how much salt you eat – always less than 3000 mg daily , if you average it to 1,000 mg per meal that would be best. And don’t forget to drink your water, the water helps the body flush all the bad stuff from our system and keeps the body / organs functioning properly.

    no soda pop / cokes ; coffee ; tea – unless its herbal tea ; no beer / alcohol ; no chips / cookies / cakes / pies / candy’s ;

    get at least 30 minutes of walking in a day – a good fast walk rather than a slow one, the average speed of a good fast walk is 4 miles an hour – so 2 miles in half an hour , but if you are not used to walking fast it will take your body time to get used to it and get that fast, and don’t over do it, you don’t want to pass out – set a pace, if you need to stop and take a 5 minute rest.

    walking is the absolute best exercise for our bodies!;_ylt=AmwF3.MWVIJRT_i3Gs0uhv7sxQt.?p=diet+lose+weight

    thats a search here in yahoo answers about diet + lose + weight, check out what others have said.

  3. said :

    yes just drink only a half gallon a day of distill water

    and eat only grilled chicken breast and plain tuna for 6 weeks.

    and good luck

    from the staff of

  4. J. A. M. said :

    Ok the only way you can do it is by proper eating, not any diet fad that is. And exercise. Diet pills do not work and laxatives will make you sick! Really, I can’t believe people are still taking laxatives to lose weight! Ok, i know you are young and you want everything fast. I been there! So if you lose weight very fast there is a good chance that after you lose this weight it will come right back and you can gain more weight after that! Trust me this is a well known fact. Ok, just take it slow and you will be more successful! Good luck!

  5. Red Steale said :

    Here is a method that worked for me, I lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. I started at 233 pounds (106KG) and went to 213 pounds (96.5 kg). I am 6 ft 1 ish. The method is simple but requires great willpower. I worked out my required calorie requirement which is approximately 10 Kcal per pound of body weight and then ate 55% of this daily, you will get hungry.

    You must eat well though, tuna fish and chicken, fresh veg. and fruit, whole foods, no refined sugar. No drinks, except low fat milk and water, increase water intake this will actually help you feel full and will prevent headaches. You may get headaches at first, this is as a result of withdrawal, mainly because you are not getting the same sugar you were probably getting.

    Importantly you will need to walk a lot; 3 to 5 miles every day. Put some motivating music on the MP3 player and go for it, you will need to walk briskly, not ridiculously, but not a stroll. The first week will have the greatest effect and you will notice significant weight reduction. This will however only be temporary as your body will try and compensate and store fat if you back at this stage. So go for another 2 weeks for greater benefit but also to let your body know this is a more permanent change and to help you adjust to a healthier life style.

    The most important ingredient is still your strength of mind, reading this will accomplish nothing, but doing it could change your life.


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