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how can i lose 5 pounds quickly without alot of dieting?

i am 13 and i am over weight in my stomach ! i what new clothes when school starts but i don’t know how to loose the weight! i am always hungry and if i try not to eat as much i get a head ache ! how can i loose 5 pounds in about 2 weeks easy at my age ?

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7 Responses to “how can i lose 5 pounds quickly without alot of dieting?”

  1. 12MonthRunner said :

    run run run!

  2. LiveLaughLove said :

    OMG ME TOO! lol thats so weird. im 13 too so i know its not easy. im going to start runnung, walking and biking. haha why don’t you do it too? we can both go back to school looking fabulous! 😀

  3. Aaron4174 said :

    DON’T SNACK.. That’s the major rule .. I’m about to start a diet myself today..
    And it consists of alot of exercise and eating healthily.

    Exercise at least once a day.
    Don’t eat bread.
    Don’t snack if you need to eat ( Eat some fruit and get a low calorie yoghurt , or peanuts )

    You can lose about 2 pounds a week. Which will be 4 pounds not 5 pounds .
    Good luck to you.

  4. yo mama said :

    hah i just asked the same question , like i said in mine my mom put me on a water pill to lose water weight , and i started not eatin after 5 and if i get hungry drink water and drink notherin but water oh and im gonna start walkin 30 mins a day

  5. Scissorhead said :

    ME TOO! 😀 I’m 14 tho 🙁
    I was thinking bout only drinking water, eating a healthy breakfast lunch and dinner and cycling 30-40mins every morning. weather i’ll stick to it is a different story!

  6. Shirley Phelps said :

    In order to lose 5 pound quickly, you must obey The Lord Your God.

  7. elenenergy said :



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