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How can I lose stomach fat quickly without dieting a whole lot?

I am a 14 year old girl, and I just want my stomach to look better for summer. I also dont want a super hard diet, but something quick and easy might work. I only drink water and milk, no juices or sodas. Its Mostly my lower abs, cuz I cant get those toned. I work out on a trampoline doing gymnastics for at least an hour a day, what else should I do? I am almost 5 foot and weigh like 98 pounds. THANKS!

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2 Responses to “How can I lose stomach fat quickly without dieting a whole lot?”

  1. Sigurros said :

    Just do crunches and try to lift weights. Cardio is also good such as running. You are actually fine for your height and weight nothing to be worried about. You might just be too paranoid.

  2. mickmac said :

    I have lost 40lb since Nov. 07. Cut down on fatty food and for my tummy 300 sit ups per day in sets that are comfortable for you. Bring knees up and hook toes under a chair or something to stop your legs coming up. This is a good excercise as it only lifts what your body is already carrying. Do not over do it at first and in no time you will feel the muscle in your tummy harden and you can pull in your tummy without disscomfort. Hope it helps.


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