Any ways to lose stomach fat quickly?

so im 16…..and im a bit over weight– 5’3 134 lbs and ive got some stomach flab…any ideas? at the moment im still in school and get home at 7…
coments? 10 points!!

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2 Responses to “Any ways to lose stomach fat quickly?”

  1. Ella said:

    do sit ups and the jackknife
    this is where you do a sit up an lift your legs up at the same time if you understand what i mean
    it really helps to tone your stomache and flattern it, im also 16 and its ben helping me, i hope it helps you too

  2. Penelope said:

    Okay is it flab or is it fat, because flab you can tone up with ab exercise but fat you have to burn off first through cardio exercise and then tone it up


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