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Is it possible to lose a lot of belly fat quickly? I need to flatten my stomach and boobs!?

Is it possible w/o running every single day?

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3 Responses to “Is it possible to lose a lot of belly fat quickly? I need to flatten my stomach and boobs!?”

  1. Rachel R said :

    When u find out let me Know!!!!I’m 5’8 140 and use to be 104,Had a son but haven’t lost all the weight:(

  2. danny said :

    To lose weight you simply have to burn more cal than you take in. Yes you can do it with out running or woking out youjust have to eat that much less. Check out this site to figure out your cal intake

    This food plan may help you get started
    Breakfast Cereal with low fat milk and Low cal protein shake( muscle milk light or gold standard whey)

    mid morning snack” Nuts of some sort, or maybe some cheese( I can’t think of other good snacks right now)

    Lunch: Sandwich with 100%whole wheat bread veggies and some kind of meat with low % fat (you want to stay away from fat) keep it blow say 10% or even lower when it comes to meat

    Mid afternoon snack ( some kind of snack loaded with protein like nuts or another protein shake if you can handle that)

    Dinner ( don’t eat a big dinner) Lean source of protein like chicken, lean ground beef, top sirloin steak,

    bedtime if you go to bed around 10 and need a snack eat some low fat cottage cheese around 9 or so

    I think this diet can get you started but you need to find out what cal intake you need. There are web sites that can assist with that according to your weight and activity level

    I know you dont want to run but have you considered HITT. There is no need to do more than 25 min. It beats running for 40 min by far. Youll also want to do some weight work out staring at 2 or 3 times a week. Start doing full body workouts you should be able to find a good totall body work out on the net.

    *WIth HITT you will not over work your self like you might by doing full run or jog for 20-40 min like most people.
    * With HITT you should stay in you target hart range.
    *you will burn more calories from fat while preserving muscle

    Combine this with a good diet and you will max out your fat loss. actually diet is not a good word for it because it not a thing full of gimmics and crap it just a way to manage the food you eat.

    also check out this artical. I am sure you could learn alot from it.

  3. Kelley R said :

    Forget crazy diets for losing weight.. Acai Berry is this new product I’ve been trying after seeing it on Oprah. I’m already seeing results!! You should give it a shot, here’s a special link for a free 14-day trial.


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