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How to lose fat in stomach without extreme dieting or lots of exercise?

Okay well I feel like a fat mumbo jumbo, when around my size 1 and 0 friends. I am a size 5 and almost to a 3. But I want to lose the fat in my stomach area so, come January it looks really good. I know it is gonna be hard, but I play soccer and soon soccer and basketball. I don’t like fruit so don’t say fruit. I am not that old, maybe vitamins or something? Please help thanks!(:

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5 Responses to “How to lose fat in stomach without extreme dieting or lots of exercise?”

  1. katie m said :

    The South Beach Diet is strictly no fruit. It takes two weeks and after those first two weeks your supposed to loose between 8-16 pounds all around the stomach.

  2. me said :

    I have the same problem! I do not eat ANY fruit except grapes!!
    I’m telling you the EASIEST way to do it is to just cut back on the amount of junk food you eat. Also, do NOT join a gym or any sort of program like that. Just buy a CosmoGirl magazine and they usually have great workouts in there that you can do in your own time for free! If you keep it up, your stomach will definitely be more toned! The best thing to do is a circuit, which is working different areas of your abs so all areas will be toned 🙂

  3. Steph H said :

    Well, first try and cut down on some of your sugary foods and your carbs. When you eat sugars, starches, and/or carbs, (and don’t burn them off) they get stored in your stomach. Also, try some cardio exercises (exercises that get your heart rate up). This speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn off some of the weight in your stomach. hope this is helpful!
    p.s. don’t forget to be confident with how you look *it not only makes you feel better but it also makes you want to lose weight more*
    :] good luck

  4. Armaan said :

    I also similar problem. I saw an ad and bought some product online. It really works. I am going to buy more from them.
    If possible get these product and you can lose fat without any hard work.

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  5. shakiira said :

    two weeks ago, my ancle just told me how to lose fat in stomach. its really easy and simple. what you need to do is drink 2 to 3 cups of water before you eat breakfast,lunch,dinner or any heavy food.When you do that,you eat less because you are already ful. it will be more water less food. i know its hard to get used it, but it helps you lose weight faster.


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