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if i exercise without dieting will i lose weight?

I’m really bad at dieting but am going to the gym 3-4 times a week, I don’t want to give up chocolate (especially as wispa’s are back!) will I lose weight if I eat it in moderation and keep it up at the gym?

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26 Responses to “if i exercise without dieting will i lose weight?”

  1. Markos K said :

    Yes, excersise = Burning calories = weight loss
    Of course if you eat twice as much as you burn, then you gain weight.

  2. dave_uk06 said :

    Yes you will, it actually helps to be eating normally while exercising.

  3. foxystorky said :

    You will lose weight but of course watch what you eat. Keep the wispa as a treat at the end of the week.Good luck. Im trying too.

  4. cmckinno2000 said :

    Yes, but only if your burn off more calories than you eat.

    You’ll loose weight faster if you give up food that contain lots of saturated fats.

    I lost over 2 stone a couple of years ago and gave up nothing. I just didn’t eat chocolate/crisps/stuff or drink alchohol during the week. At the w/end I allowed myself what I wanted (within reason)

    Good Luck! If you really want it – you’ll know what you need to do!

  5. Sarah said :

    I think you will lose weight by doing exercise and just keep it up with the previous diet. Exercise will help regulate your appetite also.

  6. katipapadopoulou said :

    I believe so, but it would be better if you eat less chocolate. Try that at the beginning and if you stabilize your metabolism then you can eat more chocolate. But don’t overdo it!!!!!!

  7. debbie g said :

    Cardio excersise is the best to lose weight it helps to burn calories.

  8. oxyde_de_dihydrogène said :

    Well, you will, or will not.
    But if you do not lose weight overall, it’s because the fat you lose is becoming muscle. And that’s a good thing anyhow.

    You’ll be losing fat, but not necessarly weight.
    Still depends on your eating habits and the type of exercising you’re doing.

  9. Sam Lesbury said :

    Of course you will. Excercising is better when you have something to burn off.

  10. falcor said :

    yes you should do if you use the gym properly,it mite take longer to become visible though.

  11. harry said :

    yes if you really want to lose your weight, don’t worry.exercise daily with some hard workouts ,drink fresh jucies.if you want more details view the website

  12. S B said :

    That Depends on how much you are consuming and how fast your metabolism is. You shouldn’t be eating foods with a high fat or sugar content. Red meats stay in your system for 1 month, whereas fish and chicken takes just a week.

  13. death4us said :

    Yes excercise speeds up your rate of metabolism so you burn up more calories after a while even when you don’t do anything.

  14. bigleybill said :

    Sure, if you exercise on a regular basis and burn more calories than you take in your weight will go down. Also , read the Atkins diet book to learn about carbs. It will be a big help. Good luck.

  15. gemstone said :

    Yes! – Dieting is the worst form of losing weight, as soon as you start eating normally you put that weight back on.
    Eating normally and doing exercise is the way to being fit and losing some weight.

    I’m so pleased to actual read a decent losing weight question!
    Good for you!

  16. John A said :

    Of course you will not. If your exercise involves the development any muscles, you will probably gain weight as muscle is heavier than fat. If the question was “Will I look better ?” then the answer would probably be yes.

  17. diamonds24 said :

    Yes you will as long as you eat the same amount you do before you start exercising. If you start eating more than you do then you wont lose weight.

  18. robert b said :

    “eating in moderation” is the best diet ever!

  19. Johndude said :


    Youl lose more weight coz ul have more energy

    People dont get this lol

  20. selina m said :

    If you are doing more exercise than you used to but not eating any more food, you will lose weight. if you decide to have a treat of some sort,try doing a little more exercise to balance it out…earn it.

  21. Evie said :

    I think it depends on your age. I used to be able to eat what I like and do little exercise without putting on weight. If I ate a bit less for a while then i’d lose weight or if I did exercise i’d lose weight. NOW? in my early 50s and put on a stone and a half (20 lbs) last year quite suddendly after I stopped smoking. My metabolism has shut down it would seem. I have been regularly attending the gym and doing high impact exercise since March this year and went on a cycling holiday in the summer – I haven’t lost an ounce!! So i’m answering your question with a question. Yes, you have to burn more than you eat, but I don’t eat very much and although I drink green tea and everything I hear of to speed up metabolism, nothing has worked. Good luck to you though.

  22. Molly Mop said :

    No you will either gain weight or stay the same. Muscle is heavier than fat, When you exercise regularly you will replace stored fat with toned muscle. You may get more toned looking, you will probably get slimmer but you might actually gain weight. But when you get fit and toned and drop dead gorgeous you wont care that you have put on a pound or two.

  23. Mr.Miller said :

    I am sure that you will be healthy by exercising. Losing weight is far more complex, you really need to lessen you calorie intake and improve the quality of food intake. It is highly advisable to take everything in moderation especially if you are not dieting.
    Good Luck, if you can incorporate dieting and exercise you can surely lose weight.

  24. silverbullet said :

    Its possible, but it takes a lot more exercise than you probably think. Unlikely that every other day at the gym will do it.

    I dropped 40 pounds over the course of 18 months without dieting by taking up the sport of triathlon, involving 10-15 hours per week of swimming, cycling, and running.

  25. Dr Frank said :

    You may lose weight, but you really need diet plus exercise. To lose a pound of fat requires an additional calorie expenditure of 3,600 calories. Putting this in to perspective that is a jog of about 35 kilometres which if you could do it would take about 4 1/2 hours! Better not to eat the pies in the first place.

  26. Bell said :

    YES! I’m also bad at dieting so I just exercise for an hour 6 days a week and I’m still losing weight and toning up. As long as you move and get your heart rate up, you’ll be burning unwanted fat and cals and your metabolism will increase =) Good stuff is exercise.


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