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How can I exercise to lose weight without gaining a lot of muscle?

I know its a good thing to gain muscle but I want to have skinny legs, not muscular bulky legs! I want long skinny model legs. Well all over I want a model’s body! The majority of my exercise is running a lot…and I know your legs can bulk up that way. But i don’t know any other exercise that burns a lottttt of calories! What can I do to exercise and still lose 30 pounds but not get muscular legs?

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2 Responses to “How can I exercise to lose weight without gaining a lot of muscle?”

  1. ¤°†_Ve3_x_C0r3_†°¤ said :

    Sit ups [:

  2. Emily's Victory... said :

    well, you can’t really. If you try a diet, that would work so much better because you don’t gain any muscle really. Running makes so much muscle. You could try walking instead of running. Walking is better for your joints, and it won’t gain you allot of muscle. Walking would tone your legs. (trust me, toned legs look so much better than scrony ones) I have been running because i have been trying for muscle and losing weight, but i have actually gained about 5 pounds. The reason is that muscle weighs more than fat, so i have been gaining more muscle than i have been losing fat. I used to run one mile in about 15 minutes. Last week, i ran a mile in about 9 minutes! and that was just one month of running 5 days a week, and walking two days a week! I feel so much healthier! I hope i helped t least a little bit if at all. =)


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