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how to do i lose weight fast without gaining muscle?

i did track last year and got really large muscular thighs and i can’t get rid of them. i tried just sitting around and not using them but now i’ve gained a little more weight from fat. i’m scared that if i work out i’ll just get bigger muscles. are there exercises that burn lots a calories while lengthening muscles instead of growing them?

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5 Responses to “how to do i lose weight fast without gaining muscle?”

  1. Shanti said :

    overdoing cardio can burn muscle. walking instead of running can make you lose weight and not gain you too much muscle. i guess you would stay away from weight lifting?

  2. SubJ said :

    Eat only when hungry and not more than three times a day. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in ur food. Eat slow, chewing each morsel at least 32 times. This activates ur body to send signals that u have enough. No snacks or drinks in between except water.

    Take light exercises and walking for about 30 min every day preferably twice a day.

    Be patient to see the results in hassle free mode in reasonable time.

  3. ♫Autumn♫ said :

    i LOST 7pounds in about 10days !!!
    I thought iT was impossible but all i did was
    1. Drank nothing but water NO SODA !
    2.I eat every 3-4hrs i snack on carrots, apples,oranges, bananas.
    3.YOU HAVE TO EAT BREAKFEAST !!! i eat otmeal or cherrios the 100 calorie ones and i mesure ALLLL MY FOOD !!!
    4.for lunch i eat one pice of skinless chicken in pam olive oil with a salad or brocclie or BROWN rice
    5.Dinner I usally eat chicken again

    PLUS I GO TO 24HR FITNESS AND BURN 300CALORIES by doing 30MIN cardio on the eleptical(personal trainer taught me all this)

    I go to the gym EVERY DAY good luck its hard but if you want it bad enough its possible TRUST ME !!

  4. Justin H said :

    You over reacting guys like girls who are FIT. Not every girl can be “HollyWood” Anorexic. Some guys even are attracted more to girls who work out, rather than “Little Princess” sitting not lifting a finger.

  5. zavia said :

    maybe you’re being a little too hard on yourself.
    Muscle weighs more than fat. If you want to lose fat, eat low G.I foods like oats, wholegrains and brown unprocessed foods even sugar.
    If you’re fairly hungry, make sure the first few bites of food is high in protien and eat slowly. put your food on a small plate or bowl. its a trick to make it seem as if you have more food.
    If you do eat meat, only have a small portion of red meat twice a week but eat plenty of spinach and high iron foods.. oysters are a great source of iron too.
    Eat small portions of food throughout the day (5 or 6 small meals) – this will boost you metabolism so you can lose fat.
    Eat healthy foods and practice combination exercise at least 30 mins a day and always begin with a bowl of low g.i. cereal and milk/low fat natural yoghurt.
    Eat a small banana half an hour before exercising and drink gatorade or cordial water during high intensity exercise and water only during low- normal intensity.
    Dont eat 1 or 2 hours before going to bed.
    Drink heaps of water throughout the day.
    I could go on
    I hope this helps.Talk to a gym instructer about getting your own personal regime.


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