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How to lose weight without gaining muscle?

I’ve been dieting lately and most people tell me they have seen me slimming down but the numbers dont show on the scale which means i am possibly gaining muscle but i dont want to! I can see my abs developing and thats fine but the thick thighs and stuff? what can i do to just lose weight and not gain muscle?

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4 Responses to “How to lose weight without gaining muscle?”

  1. CarbeFangirl said :

    well, i would think you’d want to gain some muscle, because eventually the muscle will somehow take the place of the fat.
    i’m not sure how,
    but i’ve seen that when you gain a bit of muscle, it’s somehow easier to lose fat.
    i dont know,
    sorry if that was a bit weird!

  2. Gabe said :

    Why wouldnt you want to gain muscle? If you are not losing weight but fitting into smaller clothes then you are gaining muscle while losing fat at the same time, thats exactly the point of getting healthier. If your thighs are thick then its just a temporary inconvenience, as you keep going you will slim down all over, your thighs wont be huge muscle blocks forever, just keep with it and you will like how you turn out

  3. Ali * said :

    Well, you can starve yourself. Because without food, your body will get its energy by eating away fat, then muscle, then vital organs. But that’s not a great thing to do.

    You cannot otherwise lose weight without gaining muscle. But what’s wrong with gaining muscle? It makes you strong, and helps you work out harder, thus burn more fat. Of course, you might not want to bulk up like a man, but lean muscle is good.

    You should stick to anaerobic exercises, like running, swimming, or biking. Those burn calories without bulking up(but you do get that nice lean muscle). It’s called toning, and it looks good.

  4. lilee2k said :

    Eat no more than 1200 calories a day and do no exercise whatsoever.

    That way you can be what I call “skinny-fat”. You will lose weight but you will be very soft. That seems like an odd goal to me.

    Muscles look better, tighter.


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