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Best way to lose weight without gaining muscle?

I am 5’4 and 125 pounds. I’m a fatty and i need to lose weight. Is jogging the best way to lose weight without gaining muscle? since i already am mostly muscle i dont want to gain more because doesnt muscle weigh more than fat? If i did taebo, would that make me gain muscle? Is there any other ways or programs that can help me lose weight. my doctor told me im 21.6% body fat. i dont know if thats alot of fat or not but i sure seem to have alot of fat.

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14 Responses to “Best way to lose weight without gaining muscle?”

  1. nighunter said :

    Any cardio activity would be best.

  2. an_immortal_angel said :

    Get on an elliptical, bike, treadmil, or just go jogging. Any kind of Cardio.

  3. supplements said :

    yes jogging is and excellent way to lose weight without gaining muscle just remember to do a little extra protein as it will also burn up your muscle if you don’t get enough protien.

  4. littlebitty8202 said :

    ya cardio will help u shed the pounds w/e gaining too much muscle…just make sure your eating right along with it

  5. Lynne B said :

    Your body fat percentage sounds well within range..what are you stressing about? Why do you think you are a fatty? You sound in proportion to me…. tone up if you need too..but any exercise program is better than none…if you feel you are fat then tone….buy a bowflex!

  6. RobsVision said :

    21.6% is a lot of body fat! Building muscle would be good for you, as muscle is the best fat burner. The more muscle you carry, the more fat you’ll burn.

    Add a catalyst, like Lipodrene or Lipodrene-SR to increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

  7. Jimee77 said :

    If you have access to a swimming pool where you can swim laps, that is the best. Don’t worry about the muscles. Without steroids or protein shakes and weight lifting, you aren’t going to develop any “unattractive” muscles.

  8. topguntony said :

    I’m no expert ,but based on your hight and wieght your fine.
    You might try eating less of the things that are fattening.
    Like ice cream cookies ect… that way your on the right track to loosing a little, that means 5 lbs max at your dimentions.

  9. LindaLou said :

    Reduce your calories and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  10. crayolaskies07 said :

    Pilates and Yoga are great ways to really slim down and get rid of the fat. The best, in my opinion, is yoga-laties, a combination of the two. It helps you relax as well. Another great way to slim down while you exercise, is eat 5 smaller deals a day instead of 3 regular meals. You also might want to cut down on carbs and eat more proteins, fruits, and veggies.

  11. Kandie K said :

    Whoever told you that 125 lbs at 5’4″ is fat is out of their mind. But try the diabetic diet (you can find examples online) and walk 20 to 30 minutes five days a week and you’re sure to lose weight. It’s supposed to be a healthy, safe diet for anyone, because all you’re doing is limiting you carbohydrate intake without eliminating them completely. In other words — this is not the same as the Adkins diet, which is not healthy for you.

  12. Dnarose said :

    I don’t get why you don’t want to gain muscle. Muscle takes up less space, so your clothes would be looser even at the same weight. Here’s an example. When I was a teen I weighed 105 pounds. I started taking karate and I gained 15 pounds. I wore the same exact size clothing as I did at 105 pounds. After I stopped taking karate, I lost that 15 pounds of muscle.

    Muscle makes your metabolism faster as well, so just exercise and if you put on some muscle don’t worry about it. You will look thinner and be much healthier.

    BTW, 125 pounds for 5′ 4″ really isn’t that fat. If you turn any fat you have into muscle you will be fine at that weight. Don’t be so concerned about numbers. How your clothes fit and how your body looks is what matters.

  13. fitchick said :

    21.6% body fat is good for a woman. I take it you are a woman. Female athletes range from about 10-17% body fat. That is very lean. If you are mostly muscle then you are not fat. Muscle burns fat really well too so you want muscle. Your best bet is some form of cardio that you enjoy whether it be running, eliptical, cycling, aerobics (ex. Taebo)….etc… You should also weight train at least 3 days a week. Low weight, high reps. Trust me you won’t bulk up. Also try to eat really clean. 5-6 small meals a day is great if you can schedule it. Protein, good carbs (whole weats etc..), and good fats. Your body composition sounds fine though. Good luck.

  14. jen t said :


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