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how can I lose weight without gaining muscle?

I’ve been working out lately and I use the ellipticals for about 25 minutes on level 3 resistance but I’ve noticed my calf muscles are getting big. What is making them big and what should I do to not gain so much muscle? What can I do to lose fat in my inner thighs too?

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16 Responses to “how can I lose weight without gaining muscle?”

  1. Brad (L-CA) said :

    Stop eating.

  2. kaitoboado said :

    Why would you not want to gain muscle???

  3. pooongaa said :

    dieting ? or liposuction !

  4. tarebear8 said :

    i have the same question can u tell me if u get answers?

  5. kcdude said :

    Don’t eat and don’t exercise…this is a very unhealthy thing to do though and is not recommended.

  6. Piggys oink! said :

    Well you should eat crap! JK . but why wouldnt you wanna get muscles and loss weight?

  7. boochocoboy said :


  8. Chika L said :

    work out super hard and eat nothing, soon your muscle and fat will be eaten away and you’ll be a cadaver! 🙂

  9. JS.GHSC said :

    just go on diet but its good to go on diet and work out you’ll get a good body

  10. bryguy_95 said :

    You need to eat better and do more cardio related exercises such as running.

  11. Core said :

    The only way to not gain muscle is to never exercise while continuing to consume less calories than you burn; not very healthy.

  12. graelwyn said :

    Ignore the idiot who said to stop eating.
    I am afraid that if you are prone to it, most exercise will gain some muscle. I too have larger calves, but I consider it worthwhile for the slimmer thighs and other tones areas…which would you rather? Flabby everything or muscular legs and a toned butt, waist etc?

    If it really bothers you that much then I suggest power or brisk walking instead which is known to be less muscle building.

  13. Alexis b said :

    just Watch wat you eat

  14. Lucid J said :

    Muscles get big when overworked. If you want to lose weight without increasing muscle size then don’t workout too much or not at all. Lose weight by controlling your diet. Eat healthy food like fruit and vegetables.

  15. rossmart34 said :

    Keep working out the way you are but not NOT raise your level of protein intake.

    Protein is what the body uses to make new muscle tissue. If you do not raise your level of protein intake and keep working out, along with some good cardio sessions (we are talking 25 minutes of continuous, elevated heartbeat exercise like jogging or other arobics) your body will start what is called canabolic break down; your body will actually “eat”, process muscle mass to sustain the necessary energy level.

    This is what happens to long-distance runners and basketball players, they lift heavy weights (which you shouldn’t do because you are not a compettative athlete) yet remain the same, lean size.

    Alter your diet slightly also to add a few daily snacks of “hard” foods like granola and bran throughout the day. Foods that are harder for the body to digest require the body to expend more energy to process.

    Nutrition is very complex because every body is different but, you can tweak here and there until you get the right balance.

  16. sweetpea said :

    Decrease the resistance even further… try to keep your heels flat vs lifting your heel off the platform… You can not spot lose fat so your best bet is to tone your inner thighs to tighten your muscles… Good luck


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