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How to lose fat without gaining more muscle?

I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while and i have lost some, but i’ve also gained tons of muscle because i’ve been running a lot and strength training now and then. I’m still not at my goal but the more i exercise the bigger my legs are getting and they’re already big enough haha. (Plus, isn’t it true that if there’s a lot of muscle under fat, it;s harder to lose it?).
I’ve been “dieting” too so there’s not much i can change there, any suggestions?

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3 Responses to “How to lose fat without gaining more muscle?”

  1. Katie said :

    If you do cardio you shouldn’t gain much muscle. Strength training is what’s causing you to gain muscle probably

  2. ripped.vanwinkle576 said :

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  3. hailey said :

    yes, its funny that i saw this question because i was just told by my health/phys Ed. teacher today…if you keep eating healthy and running or doing something cardiovascular you’ll still be keeping you figure but will slowly lose muscle. You dont always have to be running to lose weight you also can dance. Yoga’s really good too! Have you ever done the insanity workout?! you should try it, its pretty tough if your hoping too challenge yourself thats your best bet. You sweat like crazy but its alot of fun. Hope this helps


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