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What is the most effective home gym equipment to lose weight without building leg muscle?

I would like to lose some weight particularly on my legs I have been using an exerise bike but have found this to be building muscles in my legs. Also is it wrong to eat before exercise?

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6 Responses to “What is the most effective home gym equipment to lose weight without building leg muscle?”

  1. j A 3 said :

    Do a lot of situps and crunches . No equipment required !

  2. Knowitall said :

    Building muscle is good.

    People who are heavy tend to have thicker legs and this is due to them having to carry the extra weight around.

    Keep reducing body fat and if you reach ideal body fat and your legs are still too big….your genes are to blame.

    Eating before during and after are important to endurance training. What is more important as to when you eat it what and how much.

    If your trying to loose weigh dont drink and eat a goofy diet to gain muscle. Eat healthy and balance meals.

  3. faraz said :

    You can try rowing machine. Yes it is not good to have food before excersie. Food 30-60 min after excersie is good.

  4. Darin said :

    I have found that one of the best ways to loose weight is running. Use the treadmill or just go for a nice jog. If you dont like the treadmill for some reason, perhaps it hurts your joints, which it does for me, you can use the elliptical trainer.

    The elliptical trainer will burn many more calories, but it isnt totaly cardio. It’s more muscular endurance than anything. You dont get out of breath or exhausted, you just get sore.

    You will find that your leg muscles usually get bigger with the excerscie bike, the elliptical trainer might do it a bit, but your best bet would be the treadmill. Or, you might just be noticing your leg muscles definiton, because your loosing the fat around them.

    I usualy dont eat before excerscise, nothing 2-3 hours before. I get cramps when I eat before I run. I also heard a study somewhere that you shouldn’t eat before you excerscise because you want your body to burn your stored fats, not your ready available carbohydrates, but I think its full of it.

    It would be best to just not eat before you go. And dont drink before, take little sips during your workout.

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  6. Fly said :

    Protein can help lose weight faster
    Protein is the nutrient necessary for muscle building. Amino acids function to construct new muscle cells to replace the old damaged cells. These amino acids are achieved through the decomposition of food protein. Intestinal protein degradation is a very complicated process which consumes a large amount of energy. In other words, there’s energy consumption during digestion of food. Therefore, eating large amounts of protein will make the body consume more energy, thus lose weight faster. The protein in the body will not be converted into fat and sugar. High-protein food includes livestock meat, poultry meat, fish, milk and dairy products.


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