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What is the best exercise to lose weight fast and tone up?

I have an exercise bike at home and cardio videos I do but I’m not seeing results. I eat right and was wondering if there are more effective and faster ways to reach my weight loss goals? Thank you!

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3 Responses to “What is the best exercise to lose weight fast and tone up?”

  1. Dreamer said :

    I would try this workout. At the same time you will be gaining muscule and burning fat. So its awesome.

    WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Two 5 pounds weights.
    * means one 5 pound weight in each hand.

    If you don’t have two 5 pound weights try using water bottles full of water.

    *20 Bench Press x3
    20 squats x3
    *20 side arm lifts x3
    20 crunches x3
    20 push-ups x3
    *20 lunges x3
    20 leg lifts x3
    Ride your bike for 30 mins
    One cardio video

    also you should try to get in a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood about 3 times a week.

    Stretching before your workout helps you not to pull a muscule during your workout.

    Stretching after your workout helps you not be AS sore afterward.

    I try to do this everyday, but I’m sure you would get results doing this only 2-4 days a week. I recomend everyday.

    Eat 1500 calories a day and drink 8 glasses of water daily.

    You will lose weight and tone up!

    I’ve lost 6 pounds and I’ve only been doing it for a week!

    You can do it! i know you can!

    You will be sore. and it will hurt but you can do it.

    Don’t be scared to add more excercises of more reps.

    Hope this works for you!

  2. chris w said :

    I have been walking 2-4 miles a day for the last two weeks and have lost 8 pounds. I am keeping my calories very low also, I an 47 years old.

  3. Edd said :

    If you are serious about healthy eating, fat loss, and body tone up, I have a program that will give you the body of a fitness model. It is a 4 months program that I made for my best friend to get her ready for her wedding. You can repeat the program as many time as you want or until you achieve your goal. With in the program you will find answer to many confusing questions. It is free. If you are interested you can email me at crazyeddie8228 at yahoo, and I will reply with the program.


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