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Best ways to lose weight fast? What cardio to do? Help please ! ?

So I’m 15yrs old, I weigh 124 pounds and a 5’2. I want to lose fat in my legs, arms and belly. I know you can’t target one place of fat so I just want to lose fat everywhere.

But when I try to lose fat, like in my arms I just gain muscle and it looks bigger then before and I don’t want that. Also I want to lose fat in 2-3 months.

I want to get from a size 5-6 to a size 2-3. And since I’m short the fat I have stores to my legs.

What are some good cardio workouts to do to lose fat everywhere fast?

Also I don’t want to take diet pills.

Thank you ! !

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3 Responses to “Best ways to lose weight fast? What cardio to do? Help please ! ?”

  1. sk8ergangsta2003 said :

    all these dumb advertisements… anyway. try only doing leg work outs it should help, another great way to lose weight and probaly target the legs would be running. Its not bad to gain muscle in your amrs, it would be better then fat. also do situps and crunches for belly. do the ones where you go to one side each time. im not sure what its called. swimming is suposed to help lose alot of weight too. idk how but it works. my brothers friend lost like 50 lbs doing swim team.

  2. b said :

    Hey…Gosh those spam answers are annoying.

    Anyway, I think you are doing too much cardio and not enough strength training if it “stores in your legs”.

    Try skipping! You can get ropes with a skip counter on the handle. Skipping gets you into shape fast and tones your legs and abs as well as arms because they are always moving.

    The best kind of cardio is running. Its the most effective exercise to lose weight all over.

    As for strength trainiing…do 30 squats a day (legs apart, bend down then back up) and do 50 crunches, and 30 push ups!

    Good luck!

  3. John D said :

    Hi Hana,

    You are right in that to reduce the arms and legs you’ll need to reduce fat in general. I am a personal trainer in Hollywood and what I tell my clients is they must do cardio, resistance training and moderate their diet.

    1) Start by keeping a food journal, it’ll help keep you honest. If you are an apple shape (weight in hips and thighs) studies show you will lose 3 times faster with a low glycemic diet (low carb) versus low fat. The zone or South Beach diet should work. Allow yourself 1 day a week to satisfy cravings.

    2) Weight or resistance training will help build lean body mass. Lean mass will up your metabolism making easier to lose weight and keep it off. It may seem you are bigger at first, but trust me as you lose fat you’ll start to lose smaller again.

    3) Try sprints workouts instead of moderate cardio. High intensity exercise causes a chemical responce, to complicated to explain here, that causes the body to release fat 3 times faster than prolonged steady cardio. Try a walk/run format. 30 second run followed by 1 minute rest and repeat for 20 minutes; 3 times a week. Vary your routine with either shorter faster sprints or longer ones. The key is intensity.

    Good luck!



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