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i am a fat ass help me lose weight fast please?

im 13, 5’11 and 105 pounds. I gained 5 pounds and im so fat. help me lose weight please. im serious, i need to be skinny now. my boyfriend also said if i dont he’ll dump me. please i need to lose weight.
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14 Responses to “i am a fat ass help me lose weight fast please?”

  1. Glitchz X said :

    Caring about ONE HUNDRED POUNDS (ONLY?!!)
    Seriously, stop watching those model shows, etc, stop playing with barbies.
    No one looks like that.
    Just please, stfu and stop worrying.
    No one cares about your weight at that age yet.

  2. James said :

    First of all ditch your boyfriend!

  3. Ryan Hughes said :

    being 105 at 5 11 is not fat at all.

  4. gonzalez :) said :

    haha your stupid

  5. smart said :

    you are skinny..105…thants skinny…does ur bf want you to be anorexic or somthing

  6. Icanhaznoms? said :

    The bit about the boyfriend dumping you if you dont lose weight sounds made up.

  7. SoWrongIt'sKatieツ said :

    boys dont like anorexic girls. like im 90 lbs but im like 5’3, do u think guys wanna have sex with a bony girl?? and i have muscle 🙂 aim for that not making up shit on yahoo awnsers to feel better bout urself

  8. lolp said :

    your not fat and your bf friend s a dumb ass does he want you to look like your anorexic

  9. чσur α вσσв :] said :

    your not fat, your anorixic,

  10. Skylar said :

    I have a friend who weighs about 100 pounds more than you do. How the hell can you say that your fat? I hate it when a girl your size says that they are fat when they are not. You should be lucky to be your size. Next time when you want people to fell sorry for you just talk to your friends don’t come on here.

  11. Dan said :

    Please, don’t call yourself a Fat *** As you are most certainly not. I weigh 95 Pounds and I am 13. I would actually consider myself underweight for my age. As everyone has previousely mentioned here, stop watching models on T.V. Who Weigh 40 Pounds.

    If you see Skinny Girl’s on Billboards, I remember seeing a show on Dr. Phil Showing the process a girl goes through before she goes on a billboard, its all basically done with computers and they make them skinny with the aid of digital technology. They also make their neck longer if it isn’t long enough.

    Stupid, Isn’t it?

    Just don’t worry about it and if you weigh 105 Lbs I guess most, if not all of the World over 11 Would be a Fat *** Wouldn’t They. Jeez, I guess because of this everyone is a Fat ***.

  12. twilightfan1200 said :

    Dump ur boyfriend girl! Ur as skinny as a flag pole, my brother is that height and he weighs 130 pounds which may sound over weight but he’s actually healthy weight. If anything I think u could gain some weight.

  13. napkins said :

    you are so not fat your pretty skinny actually if anything you might need to gain a few pounds and that fucking loser douchbag boyfriend of yours just dump his ass…. 🙂

  14. Adomopuella said :

    if your boyfriend wants to dump you for a couple of should dump him hes a pile of crap


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