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how do I lose weight fast!!?? Please help!!! =[?

Ok so here’s the thing, I’ve been so stressed out with school that I’ve been gaining so much weight. I went from 114 to 129!!! HUGE diffence.

My prom is on the 12th of this month. I know it’s IMPOSSIBLE to lose ALL of the weight that fast but does anyone know any good ways to lose weight fast.

Your help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

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12 Responses to “how do I lose weight fast!!?? Please help!!! =[?”

  1. Maricely said :

    yes dieting and exercise

  2. nathan said :

    eat less food, and work out more… this summer i lost about 20 pounds by just working out everyday and just eating right

  3. Jen W said :

    its not healthy!
    ok just eat salad 2 a day and 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast untill prom. that should do it!

  4. Aurora said :

    Wow, I wish I weighed 114. Nevermind that. :o)

    I heard playing video games is good for losing weight, and it helps stimulate good mental health. I used to be 140, and as crazy as it sounds, I haven’t done anything different than play video games.

    I’m now 121.
    Hope that helps.

  5. thedavecorp said :

    I tell everyone how I did it in my blog on

  6. s1_briede_d said :

    you cant lose weight fast, it will dramatically slow down your metabolism which will make fat loss in future even harder.
    follow this and …. you can take some laxatives before your prom so your belly appears flatter.
    find calorie/fitness calculator on the net, enter all your stats and it will tell you how many calories you need a day to maintain, take off 300-400cal off that number and thats how much you need to lose.
    eat 5-6 small meals a day (eat every 2-3 hours)
    5-8 servings of fruit and veggies a day
    8 glasses of water
    have complex carbs for breakfast – they give you energy
    have lean meat (protein) for dinner – repairs muscle
    cardio exercise 4-6 times a week for 30-50min, light weight training
    dont consume foods that are made of white flour (white bread, cakes, past etc.), sugar loaded foods (cookies, icecream, candy etc) and nothing fried, oily.
    ofcourse you can spoil yourself once in a while with a little treat:)

  7. J.T.B said :

    Diet pills or maybe a strict diet….A give up off your ass routine…

  8. jane B said :

    that is a stretch, but just try to avoid eating any junk and fast food until the 12th. Jog / run everyday until then as well. There may be some foods that can help you lose weight. Check out the website below for more tips on weight loss.

  9. creamsweetness said :

    Oh my happy that is all you weigh.Go online and see what is a health weight for your age and height. Be careful please!!!

  10. fitz256 said :

    Any way to lose weight that fast is dangerous to your health. Please don’t do anything to endanger it. I hope you can accept what you have to work with and diet in a safe manner. Dieting especially fad or speed dieting doesn’t work. take it from someone who’s been on a good share of the popular diets. you usually gain it all back and more. the only way to do it is to change you eating habits and lifestyle where food is concerned.

  11. Letarnya said :

    First NO DIETING PILLS they r bad. Wat u need to do is start eating fish and salad for dinner, fruit salad n a low fat yogurt for lunch n for breakfast no coffee or tea have a protein shake with some fruit and if u like wheat bix. Exercise at least 5 hours a day. for more advice go n see ur doctor 2 seek healthy ways to lose the fat.

  12. TiredMomma said :

    Fast for about 7 days, It’ll knock those 15lbs right off of you. I know lots of people say fasting is in no way good for you, but I disagree. If you only do it occasionally and do it smart I believe it is beneficial.
    Things to keep in mind: -Plenty of water, but not too much.
    -Add some fresh squeezed lemon juce to your water once or twice a day.
    -And VERY important, make sure to take some supplements such as magnesium, potassium, a multi etc.

    When you come off your fast, for the 1st day or 2 keep it light. Fat free yogurts, some veggies. When you do go back to eating regular foods you have to make sure to cut back on the junk food and fat intake that you where use to or of course the weight will come right back.


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