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i am very fat. How can i lose weight fast and asap?? PLEASE help me?

ok i am13 and i weight 155 im about 5’4 or 5’5, im soooo sick of being fat and i wear like a 12 and thats not right for a 13 year old! it seems likei have tried soo much stuff and it doesnt seem to help! i want to feel good in a bathing suit becuz we go to water parks during the summer and i dont feel comfortable being with my friends when they r way skinnier than i am! i dont really like to exercise cuz lik i dont have the time. but lik is there a pill or sumthing i REALLY want sumthing to just work for me thats NOT expensive! thanks!!!

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11 Responses to “i am very fat. How can i lose weight fast and asap?? PLEASE help me?”

  1. alwaysmoose said :

    Get a wii. That’s a good workout.

  2. forsakenwaste5 said :

    i don’t wanna offend you but you need a gym instructor or either join the reality THE BIGGEST LOSER.

  3. ~I ♥ YOU~ said :

    you cant!?!?!
    either you exersize or yoou stay that way
    [[no pill can burn fat]]

  4. Gabrielle G said :

    omfgsh. me 2! im 13 and around your weight. i completely understand. just eat healthy and exercise. talk to ur doctor for help, too.

  5. nicepuddin said :

    The only way to lose weight is to burn off more calories than you consume.

    Or you could get a crack habit.

  6. death and life said :

    No pill is going to work without proper dieting and exercise. Im sorry, but if you have to loose weight your going to have to excersise somewhat. if that means going for a wlk an hour a day. its not that bad. If u have a dog take it for a jog. Ask your friends if they want to go out for a walk and a coffee or somethin.

  7. true blue said :

    There’s no magic pill. You have to make lifestyle changes. You are young, so if you start now you can have a very healthy life ahead of you. Since you are still growing you shouldn’t go on any crazy diets. Just make sensible choices when you eat. Choose lean protein like chicken, turkey, fish, tofu, etc..And don’t forget to eat lots of veggies. Also, drink your water. Soda is a no no, too much sugar and empty calories. Start walking daily for exercise. Bring a friend or your mp3 player. Good luck.

  8. Germ-X lover said :

    omg omg omg my wii like gave me a work out its so fun. haha o sry umm but if you do you could like cut your portions in half and i wouldnt get any pill cause they all usually dont work and have serous side effects. Sorry that this doesnt help at all but its all i can think of and i need the 2 points i get for answering

  9. Sir Samuel said :

    Taking any sort of a pill to lose weight is not the way to go. Some things take time. You didn’t get fat overnight, and you can’t lose the weight overnight either. If you don’t like to exercise, you need to be more attentive to what you eat. Cut out the junk food.

  10. SirEddieCook said :

    Take 3,000mg of Vitamin C a day.(Alacer brand is good). That’s 3 packets. This will help your metabolic system, immunity, skin, hair and energy levels. 8 dollars a box.

    Cleanse your body with Apple Cider Vinegar, and natural fruits, veggies and salads. You have crud in your system. The vinegar will prompt the bad stuff to leave your body, and improve your body’s chemical balance. 3.00 a bottle.

    Activity – Swim, Walk, Dance…you can easily bounce back. That’s far from a total disaster. Plus, you’re young. Join a swim team, and face the pain of swimming out there…take chances in terms of your activity and discover you’re good at things…You’ll have fun and discover that you’re shinking in all the right places.

    Avoid hanging around fat friends and people with bad habits. Hang out people with good habits. Avoid food courts, 7 Elevens and candy.

    If you’re 13 and in this condition, tell your parent(s) that they are doing a crappy job. Tell them I said so.

  11. Jennifer B said :

    exercise is always part of losing weight..whether it’s dancing until you are all hot and sweaty, or cleaning house from top to bottom often…walk pills are not a great smart..walk alot at a faster pace than a stroll and eat right..cut out the sugary stuff and the bad fats…lighten up on the bread…and so forth..losing weight is different for everyone..some can drop pounds quickly and works for them some it comes off slowly..but if you are truly determined..start exercising and eating right, you need to stick to a’s imperative..once you pass the 3 week mark of routine exercising and eating well it becomes a good habit…who knows, maybe you’ll become a toned hard body and your friends are going to ask you to help them become more like you….if you are truly unhappy with the way you smart and eat and exercise healthy and stick to it!!!


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