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Can Someone Please Help Me With Ideas On How To Lose Weight Fast?

I want to lose weight since summer is coming up but i just cant figure out a good way to do it. I dont want to like starve myself, take diet pills or puke after i eat something. I just want an easy simple healthy way. Any ideas??

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3 Responses to “Can Someone Please Help Me With Ideas On How To Lose Weight Fast?”

  1. Shayna said :

    exercise videos fun fast and easy

  2. Laila said :

    make sure you are caught up with your sleep
    no coffee better if you must one cup at home
    fruit, apple, berries, pear
    veggie, raw or steam
    prune about 10 a day
    100% whoe wheat bread
    use low fat milk
    walk fast, run or jog.
    take stairs
    dancing helps as well

    don’t eat
    chips, soda, ice cream,
    don’t eat out
    don’t eat any junk food nothing zero
    no candy
    no rice, pasta of any kind or fried food
    dont use regular milk or cream

  3. Grace L said :

    Ways to lose weight

    * to eat organic food
    * have weat grass
    * run
    * get a trampoline a just jump for 20-30 min
    If you do this you get more healthy an lose weight!!!


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