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How do I lose Fat Fast????!!!!!?!?!?!?!?! Please Help?

I’m 11 years old and i’ve been obese since I was 7 (I now weigh around 150-160 lbs) Every one else in my family is skinny so I’m on my own here. School starts on August 23 and I don’t want to suffer through another year of being the slowest runner, 4th chubbiest, and being constantly asked “Do you know how much you weigh” and ppl saying the fitness test is the one test you can’t ace (cause I’m also the smartest one at skool) Its really bugging me cause I’ve been trying EVERY thing I can but nothings working. So I wanna know the best way to lose fat fast (not water weight cause I’m already dehydrated and I know its not healthy to lose weight so quickly but I’m desparate for help) Tahnks SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much
My parents are no help cuz i never see my dad (only once every two weeks) and my mom is usually at work or partying at the club
BTW the first answerer… Stop using the same answer every time you answer a question
If anybody else is sick of ppl putting up the same acai berry answer pleeze report 2 get it removed!!!!

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3 Responses to “How do I lose Fat Fast????!!!!!?!?!?!?!?! Please Help?”

  1. MzJazziBaby:) said :

    Well First Thing First .. You Need To Have Your Parents Help You .. Because They Are GREAT HELPERS .. They Buy You The Food & The Things You Need … You Should Remember Everytime You Want Something Sweet The Way You Feel About Your Weight .. You Might Not Lose 15 Pounds .. But You Would Appear Slimmer .. You Should Work Out A Hour/ 2 Hours a Day .. You Should Break It Up .. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU EAT .. CUT ALL UNHEALTHY FOOD OUT OF YOUR DIET .. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER .. With Every Meal .. It Works .. It Takes A While To Get Use To .. But Once You Do .. You Would Feel Happy .. You Could Email Anytime For More Info … [email protected]

  2. Blinki said :

    hey girl, im with ya 😉
    well, obviously exercise WILL help. Just take it slowly… dont do a whole bunch of exercises one day and get frustrated and wait another month to do the exact same thing. Run outside one day and the next do crunches. try exercise tapes and if you feel embarrassed doing them while other people are around wait until everyone leaves the house. My personal favorite is when im home alone putting in a cd and dancing like a complete idiot. No one can see me, its fun, and im burning tons of calories 🙂

    Next change up your diet. Eliminate soda and start drinking lots of water. Eat frequently but in small portions, dont eat large meals. Stay away from junkfood and try eating healthier things such as cheese, a handful of nuts or some fresh fruit. If you cheat here and there dont worry about it, everyone does.

    One tip is drink a glass of water before you eat and then see if your still hungry, sometimes you feel hungry when your body is actually thirsty, weird right? Try not to eat 3 hours before you go to bed because those calories will turn into fat calories 🙂

    good luck, and dont think of it as a diet, think of it as a lifestyle change =D

  3. Cathy said :

    Google “tummy watcher” and go to the first website, it has a calorie calculator tool for various exercises. Also you can find out what your ideal body weight is, based on your height, age, and gender.

    The website also has five foods to fight hunger and other helpful tips.


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