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I Need Help To Lose Weight Fast Im Way To Big For My Age Help Me Please?

Hi my name is Debbie im 19 i live in Frankston, Victoria, Australia and i am very over weight i Weigh 130+kg and i am roughly 183cm Tall i have trid many different ways but i have no sucsess i cant effored a gym membership. I Do Have A Exercise Bike That i Ride how often should ride it for daily?
Please i really need some help
i have just started to take slim fast 3 times a day insted of eating meals is this a good choice?

please feel free to Email Me:
[email protected]

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8 Responses to “I Need Help To Lose Weight Fast Im Way To Big For My Age Help Me Please?”

  1. Lucy C said :

    For goodness sake start eating again! Slim fast is rubbish and as u are only 19 u will not be doing your body any favours. The best way to lose weight is to cut out all the junk food including crisps, chocs, pastries etc and replace them with fresh fruit and nuts. Basically, reduce your carbohydrate intake. You don’t need to join a gym, either get a job thats physically demanding or if thats not possible, walk everywhere and go swimming whenever u can. U r so young still and your body will sort itself out if u eat sensibly and exercise a bit. There’s no safe way to lose weight quickly – I did the Atkins diet for 6 months a few years ago and it worked for me but I don’t think its recommended anymore. Good luck and remember you are beautiful no matter what your size is.

  2. Malinda B said :

    I like Slim Fast also, but it isn’t enough nutrients. They say you should have a full dinner. Of course, you probably won’t since you are ONLY drinking them. Try to have a few pieces of fruit and a side salad with low fat dressing. With your exercise bike, ride it every day for 21 days. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. After that try maybe 5x a week. Good luck!! Oh I also buy women’s magazines – cosmo, or fitness, etc- because when I see those skinny girls, I’m more apt to stick with my diet.

  3. Mr. Zwink said :

    surviving on slimfast is not a good idea, its junk full of artificial falvourings and chemical products.The idea when loosing weight is to eat smaller portions than you usualyl do, and eat healthy.

    Healthy does not mean without fat, and healthy does not mean without flavour. There are many delicious healthy things out there.

    the thing you want to do, is try to avoid:
    soda’s, dairy and sweets and ofcourse the well known fattening junk food, avoiding means avoiding, so you can have a little just aslong as its not to much or to often.

    Drinking tea is a good alternative to drinking soda’s or you can just drink water. also try to eat less meat than you normally do. do try to eat a lot of bread. without mayo and such stuff ofcourse.

    get excersizing, this doesnt mean you have to go to the gym. the gym is actually the most boring thing you could ever choose to do to loose weight. join a sporting team, or take walks in nature or in parks. try to do this for atleast 4hours a week. (tip get a dog, thatll force you to atleast walk the dog daily)

    good luck. oh and ps, weight loss is never fast, it takes time, and so should you. its better to loose weight over the coming 2 years and stay your weight, than to drop 20 kilos before summer and have them on again by winter.

    its not loosing weight of dieting, its teaching yourself a healthier lifestyle.

  4. zurriolo said :

    There are many solution to your situation.
    What I know has worked for me and many others. In 4 steps:

    1) Change your eating habits:
    Avoid; White bread, pastry, white rice, and sugary drinks and alcohol. Also brown and white chocolate.
    Avoid fatty foods.
    You know about snacks. Aovid fatty sugary snacks, have fruit, yougurt, etc. instead.

    Eat lean meat, poultry, veggies, fruit, whole grain products, beans, etc. There is a lot you can it, just watch how you prepare your food, many times it is the seasoning that will add calories to our diet. Just be samrt about the extras-

    Drink about two litters of water a day.

    2) Do cardio exercises:
    Whatever you like; the exercise bike is a good choice!
    Use it for 30 minutes at least twice a week.
    You should start slow, to warm up for 2 to 3 minutes. Then do it with more intensity, enough to get a good work out, but not total fatigue. You should be able to say a sentences or two without losing your breath completly. If you can onle say a few words you are overdoing it.
    After 20 minutes of this pace, go back to a softer pace to cool down.

    eventually you can vary your rithm to add challenge and intensity, like 3 minutes at a good pace, a 30 seconds sprint, and back to a good pace for 3 minutes, and another sprint, and so on for a few times, as needed. Just get some variety on your pedalling when needed.

    Then strectch your muscles.

    3) Do resistance training>:
    Cardio will speed your metabolism, good thing to burn calories, but resistance is also need to build muscle. Muscle are the body fat burners. You do not need to bulk up, far from it, just tone up top get those muscles going.
    So, do some resisntance trainign twice a week too.
    Use resistance bands, light weights or body weight exercises (push ups, crunches, leg lifts, etc. )
    You should do about 20 minutes twice a week.
    Get your big muscles going: abs, arms (biceps and triceps), shoulders, back. Your legs work oput with the bike.,

    Do them with an intensity to get a good work out, but not exhaustion. You should feel your muscels have worked, but forget the no pian no gain, it is false!
    You should be able to do between 10 to 20 repetitions of each exercise. So set the weight, resistance, or whatever to enable you to do so.

    So far, not to bad eh? 40 minutes of cardio a week, 40 minutes of resistance a week. But do them both, it is essential to get that metabolism going and those muscles to grow and feed on the calories you intake.

    Try walking wherever you go, climb stairs when posible, etc., just keep active as much as you can.

    Now, the best part:
    4) Rest.
    It is esential for the body to recuperate from the exercise. It is while we rest that or muscles grow and we burn more fat. It is not under the strain of the exercise where we actualy benefit. We need the challenge to make our body adapt to the effort and thus get firmer, leaner, etc.
    So, rest all you need, that is why you must do your exercises as describe, but with the correct intensity. Do not over strain yourself, but keep them at a challenging intensity.

    In time you will see good results, and it will not take long for you to notice some changes.

    Good luck and Enjoy!

  5. russell_lee_fernandes said :

    Debs, the best thing i could suggest would be to check out the website trust me, i’ve used it, and i have really lost.
    it contains all of your answers. being a chef i know the hard job of losing pounds of flab. but this really worked, and that too, in the comfort of my own garage !

  6. jasmine D said :

    DO NOT USE SLIM FAST! this is because it is a unhealthy way of losing weight and the minute you start eating again you will put weight on very fast.

    You should lower you intake of calories so you should have about 1500kcal’s a day.

    Drink lots of water -2 litre’s
    Don’t skip breakfast.
    Reduce intake of carbohydrate’s such as bread, pasta or rice.
    eat lots of vegetables and fruits. however avoid too much banana’s.
    And ride your bike for at least 1hour a day- and walk as much as possible.
    And DON’T give up!! YOU can do it! good luck : )

  7. Lady K said :

    No one should aim to lose weight fast, your body needs time to adjust to your new eating patterns and get used to less calories.
    Slim Fast as your sole source of nutrition is not a good idea and as much as I wish you success in your new found enthusiasm for losing weight, you will gain back all of the weight and then some the moment you resume eating normal food.
    You need to cut out all the crap from your diet that has caused you to gain weight but you don’t need to starve yourself to be successful.
    You should exercise for an hour a day.
    If you are very unfit, ride the bike for as long as you can physically manage. If that is five minutes, so be it, then aim for 10 mins the next day, do this each day, gradually building up and after a week aim for 30-40 mins a day or every other day.
    Walk, jog, skip…anything that keeps you active.
    You will lose weight easily if you exercise and eat a well balanced diet.
    Slim Fast is a temporary fix and I wouldn’t encourage you to rely on it over natural healthy food.
    I would also suggest that you lose weight with the guidance of your doctor who may also send you to see a nutritionist.
    Good luck 🙂

  8. Observator said :

    Hi Debbie…My wife will tell you, Sim Fast is not good!In fact it can be very detrimental to your body. My wife loves a treadmill, but here’s what we’ve come to know: The foods and nutrients you ingest make up the 80% of what really works in lowering your weight, ridding your body of fat, and building that desired lean muscle tissue. Exercise is a waste of time, and money if you have a gym pass or home equipment, if you can’t outrun a bad diet.

    And, as long as you have stress in your life, eat bad food to alleviate that stress, and stress your body some more, you will probably remain fat, or at least unhappy with the weight you’re at and the shape that your body is in.

    Sometimes we all need a little help, and sometimes the help comes in many different forms. I, for one, needed some help. What I needed, was a starting point and soon, when I was finally tired of the extra weight and my gut, a friend recommended this weight loss site:
    I started immediately upon receiving the products, and after six days I was down 7 lbs. and motivated to continue (best thing I did, my wife too).

    Now I eat better foods, have fewer cravings, am less stressed, and am actually going to the gym three times-a-week. At least I’m doing it in the right order…And, it’s easier to work out when you have a smaller belly.


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