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Help me lose weight fast please !?

I am only 14 years old and i really am self concious about my weight . I know that i’m not the only ones who thinks i could lose a few , even my mom agree’s and other people do too . I would like a way to lose weight fast but also a diet that keeps the weight off , I’ve been trying to eat healthy and i work out daily for about an hour , but the weight just doesn’t go away ! Please help ,
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3 Responses to “Help me lose weight fast please !?”

  1. littlvicky said :

    Make sure you drink two litres of water a day!
    It’s important not to lose it too fast or it won’t stay off.

  2. ZZ said :

    You have so much in your favour.

    You are still growing up… so if you cut down on the things you KNOW are adding to your weight, and if you excersize until you ‘get a sweat on’, or you have to breathe heavily, your weight will stabilise as you grow taller.

    You are mature enough to try a few homemade recipes. Cooking and learning about fresh food is a wonderful thing, and I bet your family would enjoy it too.

    Check out some recipes on the internet, and ask if you can get the ingredients for it.

    Start reading the labels of the food you eat. Some of the stuff in there sounds like it came from a science lab!!! Just coz it tastes good doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

    It’s good you want to be healthy, but be happy too, coz a cheery face counts just as much!

  3. Lucy said :

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