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whats a very strict diet that will help me lose weight very fast?

im 210 pounds now. i want to lose alot of the body fat i have. I need to know some veeery strict diets that will help me lose weight fast. and no i dont need anyone telling me how dangerous it is, ive heard it all before

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4 Responses to “whats a very strict diet that will help me lose weight very fast?”

  1. Tall Blonde Ben said :

    Well you’re hear it again. It is unhealthy and it will come back.

  2. lilces said :

    Dont eat jajajaja jk. Play soocer i lost so much weight and now im lifting weights. I never eat at night and i cut my diet by 1/3. I have lost over 30 pounds.

  3. devi said :

    Eat a lot of fibre content and calcium foods to burn fat.
    Please see the article:

  4. Shilo said :


    Have you ever heard of ‘Fat Loss 4 Idiots’ diet program? It’s one of the most sellable e-books ever written that talks about losing fat easily and quickly. If you wish, you can check it all out, there’s a link to a great blog in my source.

    So, what is in it?

    Generally, the Fat Loss for Idiots is a guide to losing weight and fat as the name implies. In the book, you will be able to read the rules involved in weight loss. These rules, also known as “10 Idiot Proof Rules of Weight Loss” are easy to understand and follow as they are stated in the simplest terms.

    Another thing that the e-book contains is the diet generator. The book will give you meal plans that will last you for 11 days. So for each day, the book has a menu for you to follow.

    What does it promise?

    Fat Loss for Idiots promises a lot of things. For the most part, it promises to make you really lose weight. To be specific, the ebook is able to make you lose 9 pounds every eleven days.

    Another big promise the ebook gives is that it can make you lose weight using a healthy meal plan. Many weight lose plans make you lose weight by skipping and scrimping on some things that your body needs such as fat. With the ebook, you can be sure that you won’t be having any of this. As a matter of fact, it will give you a menu of foods that are complete of the nutrients that your body needs. With this, you can be sure that even if you are losing weight, you are also well nourished.

    Another thing that the ebook promises is that it makes room for those who are on a vegetarian diet. Unlike other weight loss guides that specifically tell you certain things such as forcing you to eat meat, the Fat Loss for Idiots respects your diet preferences. With this, anybody can take part of the program.

    The best weight control diet allows you to eat the foods that you would normally eat, have in your refrigerator and cabinets. By timing when you eat certain foods, how many times a day you eat them, and balancing the types of food, your metabolism will burn what you take in and then some, because it knows you will be feeding it again shortly, instead of starving.

    Check out my source – there’s a blog all about this diet with tons of info. Hope it works for you! Good luck!


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