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What is a healthy diet that will help me lose weight fast?

I am not liking the cabbage soup diet because my energy is just drained. So I am looking for another alternative where I can eat things that actually tastes good?

I’m mainly trying to lose my ‘muffin top’ so I’m doing cardio and ab workouts in the meantime. But I really need to lose it by the 4th of August.


[[Nothing about acai, pills, or anything relating to pills please]]

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7 Responses to “What is a healthy diet that will help me lose weight fast?”

  1. Amanda said :

    My dads almost ex girlfriend (cant wait till the “almost” is not there) lol

    but, shes doing a diet and she is losing 8-10 pounds a week. She is eating ONLY fruit and drinking 2 litters of water. She is also going to the bathroom 3 times a day. But the neutritionist (or whatever) injected medicine in her. For stres, anxiounes (i think its called), and for pooping 3 times a day.

    If you are like me and DONT like excersising then just walk for 30 – 60 minutes a day. You will get rid of about 325 calories in an hour of just walking. Id sugest the morning because its not hot.

  2. Kiddo said :

    You could have things like fruit salads for breakfast and oats and fruit for lunch or something. veges for dinner. Just use healthy sauces or something to give it more flavor and some energy from the fat or whatever

  3. THE GAME+HBK=D-geration-X said :

    well ok i under stand your pain but when u set a dead line that is soon it never works caus eyou will get stress you and cause yoru self to eat more nomrly. um try to get lik e5 small meals a day if you cna. dirnk lik e2cups green tea no sugar a day and try to get some cayan peper into yoru diet. um work out and jsut don’t be stress. if u have to hide all the junk food in the house. i was raised with no junk food unless it was a special event. try stocking your frind with some fruits and veiges and if you want to stay full longer then you need to eat some protine but chose a lean meat like chiken or turkey or deer. kk the reason you are sucked of engry is caus eu need carbohydtares. u need complex carbbs that u find in pasta and grains and all and stay away form simple carbs witch is sugar that is exas liek junk food

  4. mlive78 said :

    First of all, avoid any extremes and/or fad diets. Diets, in a traditional sense, are HIGHLY ineffective at permanent fat loss. Most diets call for severe restriction of calories and/or macronutrients (low-carb anyone?) that leave you malnourished. Further, they slow down your metabolism, which is your body’s way of adapting. That’s why so many people experience weight loss in the beginning, but eventually “plateau.” Eventually they give up and go back to eating like they did before. This results in not only gaining back any weight they lost, but even more because their metabolisms are now slower than when they began. Diets don’t work!

    The best way to achieve permanent fat loss is by RAISING your metabolism. This is achieved through proper diet and physical activity (weight training…yes, even if you are female!). And I don’t mean “go on a diet.” That implies that at some point you must “come off” the diet. I mean make positive lifestyle changes – improve your eating habits. Almost nobody eats often enough. You should be eating 6 times/day.

    The fact is, this is far too broad a subject to adequately cover here. I would recommend you check out an ebook by Tom Venuto, “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.” It is a great source of information. Alternatively, you can check out my own blog entry here:

    I go into much more detail about how to effectively lose fat. Further, I practice what I preach, and you can see my own before/after pics and judge for yourself as to its effectiveness. Good luck in your pursuits!

  5. monica said :

    Look up “Negative Calorie Foods” (those are foods that make your body burn more calories than are actually in the food), you can eat as much of those as you want and not gain any weight. Eat those foods and only drink water and you will lose a lot of weight. I lost 15 lbs in two weeks b4 my wedding by doing this. If you run or jog it will come off even faster.

  6. CypKitty said :

    Anything which promotes quick weight loss is not healthy as what are you gonig to do once you start eating properly? You will gain the weight back plus more.

    All you need to do is eat healthy, small proper meals. Keep a food diary so you know what you are eating and perhaps write down the emotion with the food so you can tackle the issues behind WHY you are eating a certain food and how to overcome that emotion with the food.

  7. Alex said :

    I just started writing down everything I eat and going jogging 1-2 miles 5 times a week. I hated exercising because i would usually jog on the treadmill but when I go on a flat track, I find it fun and enjoying. I also will ride on a stationary bike for an hour each morning and I sweat badly and burn about 400-500 calories with that. I usually read while I do it to keep my mind of of it. Just do things you enjoy, walk around the neighborhood to a store or library everyday. Ride your bike around town or to a park. Just keep moving.

    As for eating, eat only healthy things, oatmeal w/ fruit for breakfast, half a sandwich for lunch (PB or turkey/ham) and have dinner at 4-5 PM and then go walk after you eat. Drink a lot of water and you should be able to lose weight. It depends on how much you weight now, your eating habits and how fast you want to lose. But I just started this a few weeks ago and lost 5 pounds so far, but i have been hitting a plateau, so I am glad to at leas be moving. I eat about 1000 calories a day. I am only 5’1, so I don’t really need to many calories.

    You can do this, weight-loss is not something that will take a week, it an take time, energy and confidence to achieve. Just do your best and see how much you can lose


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