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Whats a good diet and exercise plan to lose weight fast?

i need to lose some weight before summer
whats a good diet and exercise plan?

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12 Responses to “Whats a good diet and exercise plan to lose weight fast?”

  1. Edna M said :

    1 work out
    2 eat lots of fiber
    3 drink a gallon a day

  2. !#@Robby@#! said :

    Join weight watchers
    its helped many ppl i know 😛

  3. brokenhearted_lil_gurl said :

    stop drinking soda i haven’t even been on a diet for a month and i have lost 3 lbs already just not drinking soda……good luck!

  4. ebony2021 said :

    Aktins on phase one get 20 carbs or lower and you will lose alot and drink water…even though I don’t and exercise I didn’t do that either…but atkins works fast.

  5. Rachel :I said :

    You cannot target your inner thighs by themselves. When you lose fat, you lose it evenly throughout your entire body. Some parts of your body hold a higher amount of fat than others, so let’s say you start losing fat. You may notice your arms becoming very defined, but your thighs still look ‘fat’. If you kept losing fat, eventually your thighs will look defined, though your arms at that point will appear ‘ripped’ and VERY LEAN. Every BODY is different.

    The ONLY way to lose fat on the body is to do aerobic exercise 4-6 times a week, for at least 30-45 minutes, working up to 60 minutes, in your FAT BURNING target heart rate range, NOT in your aerobic range. You take your Maximum Heart Rate (220), subtract your age, and then multiply that result by 50-60% and THAT is the heart rate you want to maintain during your exercise for 30-60 minutes 4-6x per week. ALSO, you MUST eat 5-6 meals a day. They can be small, but keep them consistent, every 3 hours or so. This fools your body into thinking it ISN’T starving, so it can release the fat you currently are holding.

    Add some light resistance training 3x a week (weights) using 10-15 reps per set (2-3 sets per bodypart) and you will make great strides in losing bodyfat AND reshaping your body so it looks firm. You don’t want to be skinny and loose, do you?

  6. Randi L said :

    LA Weightloss was great. It pretty much teaches you how to portion your food properly (or atleast somewhat properly). Just that, no excercise routine I ended up losing 20 pounds in a month. It was super great for me as well as I did not have to pay for the plan, and have a friend who had worked there will all the proper information.

    It works great, but if you actually have to pay for it, it is quite pricey

  7. Picturethinker said :

    I stuck to this for 3 months and lost 50 pounds

    an example of a day of food :
    Breakfast-Cheerios (1 cup of it) and milk(1 cup) and a banana.
    Snack-10 calorie jello
    Lunch-turkey on light white bread, carrots, pineapple, and pretzles.
    snack-100 calorie snack
    dinner-What ever my family had that night, except half the portion and add a salad and fruit so you get full.

    OH and drink one full cup of water before everything you eat. this way you will feel hungry sooner and your skin will have more moisture so it will bounce back, rather than sag.

    you just want to be at 1000-1100 calories a day and 20 grams of fat and 40 minutes of exercise!

    you want to burn more than you take in!

    example of exercise-
    squats (reallly good for you, does not make you have huge thighs, really tones your bum)
    Stair stepping
    riding a bike
    a long walk.

    good luck!
    I stuck to ^ for 4 months exactly and i lost 50 pound

  8. :) said :

    bunr more calories than you consume

  9. Shanti said :

    eat small healthy meals 5-6 times a day. make sure you get alot of fiber and protein. carbs don’t make you gain as much weight as food that is high in fat and sugar does. cut out junk food and sodas.
    work out your daily calorie intake and try eating 200 or 300 calories less than that. but don’t cut it so much that you’re barely eating.
    exercise 4-5 times a week. it can be an hour of walking, jogging, skipping, swimming, jumping on a trampoline, etc. just stay active. i find crunches help me lose weight the most.

  10. paige s said :

    walk a km a day eat a apple a day and dont push urself to bein skinny

  11. Niya said :

    Thats where all you eat are 6 glasses of lemonaide (made with water, lemon juice, grade B maple syrup, and some cayenne pepper) per day. I know a woman who did it for 40 days. She lost 35lbs., however, it is not supposed to be a weight loss diet, only a cleansing diet. They say after you stop and resume eating you will almost immediately gain back 1/2 the weight you lost.
    But, give it a try, its cheap and you may well get something out of it and lose a few pounds.

  12. Dexx W said :

    You know it’s interesting, I was in your same situation about 3 months ago (during Christmas time), and it wasnt until a friend told me about that I was able to get a solid answer!

    Basically a group of people are reviewing all the different weight loss methods that ARE working, from herbal supplements to diet strategies. My mom (who is in her late 50s) lost about 20lbs over the last 2 months through a diet plan they recommended.

    I lost 45lbs!! Of course I “cheated” and went the herbal supplement pill route, but I chose the same one Oprah now uses, so to each their own right 🙂

    Good luck either way! Tons of information to success out there!


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