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What diet could help teenagers lose the fat fast?

im 15 y/o and i weight 158, i stand 5 feet 6 inches. Im off to college in just almost 3 months and i want to start new. What diet would be good and an exercise that could fit through my time because im also busy with schoolworks? thanks. 🙂

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4 Responses to “What diet could help teenagers lose the fat fast?”

  1. bmac said :

    You’re going to college at 15?? Isn’t that about 3 years early?

    As far as your weight, you only need to lose about 10 lbs. So just stop all junk/fast food and sodas, drink 80oz. of water a day, eat smaller portions and get some exercise.

  2. skinny_00 said :

    your 15 and your going to college!!!cut calories to like 400 a day and exercise alot you will lose weight really fast

  3. chimmy said :

    sugar diet.cut ur sugar intake in ur diet.u will definately satisfied

  4. has no name said :

    pills..drugs…food..everyone misses the most important aspect..exercise…if people would exercise more they would not have to worry so darn much about food…Are you really serious about doing this? We are talking about hard work. Putting down your little debbies, getting off your butt and not only going on a diet but EXERCISING!!! Even if you lose the weight it will come right back if you do not have the desire and motivation to not only look cute but to be healthy. it is going to take alot of inner strength I can assure you of that.

    1.) eat 4-5 small meals a day

    2.) drink lots of water

    3.)exercise every day

    4.) do not eat 4-6 hours before you sleep


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