I don’t care if this is healthy but do you think it could help me lose weight fast?

Eat 2 bowls of special k measured out to the right amount with skim milk. Then just some fruit and veggies for the other meals.

Playing ddr for 1 or 2 hours a day.

I need to lose weight fast after that i don’t care if i gain some back i will be eating healthy and exercising after that.

Do you think this will be able to help me lose 20lbs fast, i’m 5’9 187 lbs.

Thanks and only serious answers please.

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11 Responses to “I don’t care if this is healthy but do you think it could help me lose weight fast?”

  1. zippythejessi said:

    Honestly? No. You’d be eating too few calories and your body will go into “starvation mode” and you’ll probably GAIN weight. Your body will think you’re starving to death and hold on to every calorie you eat.

  2. ksaroch5 said:

    Yes you will lose weight fast. But be sure to get some protein in your day also otherwise you will get weak. Lean chicken, turkey, or fish would be good. The protein in Special K is not enough to sustain you and protein will keep you feeling satisfied and lessen any cravings. Good luck!

  3. metagold_stupid_video_ink said:

    well I’m not a doctor but that would be a good exercise for you heart, which in turn MIGHT help you lose weight

  4. J said:

    Any diet works (healthy or not) as long as you consume less calories than you burn. So yes, you will lose weight if you eat that way.

    I had to add this, so as not to encourage starvation:

    Ok, so on this diet: 2 bowls of special K, 2 cups milk, and 1 pound frozen broccoli, dancing for an hour a day… you will lose twenty pounds in 37 days.

    However, ITS NOT WORTH IT. You aren’t getting enough healthy fat, so you will never feel satiated with that veggie meal. Your skin and hair will start looking horrible (about a month later, all your undernourished habits will show up). As it stands, you would be getting about 569 calories. You should double that. 40 days is a long time for your body to be malnourished.

    -Add some low cal protien. (tuna, chicken, etc….)
    -Add some fat (a tablespoon of olive oil for your veggies and 9 almonds as a snack)
    -Add some fruit (a banana, or a couple apples though-out the day.)

    This way you don’t have to risk going into starvation mode. If you feel hungry–eat an apple.

    At this rate you will be at about 1200 calories per day. Based on your weight and activity level, you should lose twenty pounds in 57 days. You should eat more on days that you dance for two hours instead of one.

  5. Ladybug said:

    whats the rush? yes, that will help you lose weight, but i cant tell you how fast. Everyones body react differently and everyone loses weight at different rates. Losing weight too fast can really damage your body and mess up the thing that controls weight. Take it slowly and try too add more exercise now rather than later. That helps to tighten the skin, lose weight, and build muscles. GL

  6. Steve D said:

    I would suggest a real diet and fitness plan, like http://necessaryvirtues.com/recommends/burnthefat

    I know it’s very tempting sometimes to look for a quick fix, but it can hurt you in the long run. You should care whether or not what you’re doing is healthy. It’s your body, after all, and it’s the only one you’ve got.

    Good luck!

  7. Darek said:

    Very dangerous to do that. You will need more protein in your diet.
    Tofu is light in calories and high in protein. Building some muscle will also burn more calories.

  8. nichols_email said:

    answerers…think before you answer. you are affecting someone’s life if she takes your advice, good or bad. everything you do to your body affects it. so please, think before giving anyone an opinion…

    sorry, lady. refuse to say yea or nay because i will not have you having issues in your life due to me! you may gain it back later and “be healthy” but in the meantime you’ve already done damage that may affect you later on…! now, for those self-esteem issues that cause you to post this….

  9. butterfly_pink said:

    don’t loose weight too fast, that can be dangerous for your health…. eat at least 2,000 calories a day and these calories come from healthy foods you named above PLUS some protein and fiber,,,,,,,, don’t play or exercise too much at a time, that would make you feel hungry and eat more…… just exercise moderately but consecutively and eat healthy foods and drink water…. loosing 5 pounds a month is just right so you have four months for your goal…. REMEMBER the faster you loose weight, the faster you will gain it back……….. just take it easy and you will enjoy it the rest of your life……… FOR BEST ADVICE: see a physician

  10. iritadragon said:

    If you eat too little, your body will go into starvation mode, and no matter how little you eat, you will not lose weight fast. Your better bet is to follow the food guide, but cut down on the size of each portion. Work it so that you’re getting all the different types of food in the guide, but much smaller portions than they recommend. Count calories at the same time…you should be getting around 1200 per day. Any less will be too little. Also break your allowed food down into 6 little meals instead of 3. This fools your body into thinking that it is getting more food than it actually is, and you won’t ever be hungry (once you get used to the diet).

  11. froggiefreak said:

    oh if your trying to lose weight its simple the excersize that helps burn fat the fastest is dance and eat salads and yogurt


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