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Help this weight is killing my back, i need to lose weight fast. i just had gallbladder surgery ?

i’m so full of weight about 15 to 20lbs can anyone help.

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7 Responses to “Help this weight is killing my back, i need to lose weight fast. i just had gallbladder surgery ?”

  1. Aedan B said :

    Losing weight can be a challenge , but it is such a worthy accomplishment

    I needed to lose some weight too for health reasons and I began searching on the Internet. I came across They recommended a few products in their weight loss section and I ended up getting the first one. I had my doctor look at the product and he said that it looked pretty healthy and he approved. Since then I have lost about 75 pounds. My blood pressure is down, I sleep better, and I don’t crave alot of that junk food I used to eat. I really recommend it.

    I wish you the best

  2. mannie21 said :

    Stop, take things slow and easy. Establish a habit of excersize. Eat less food. Imagine your self thin. Good luck.

  3. Ben P said :

    All that other advise is BS. If you want to lose weight, don’t eat. I wouldn’t say total starvation, but cut out one meal a day, and no snacks, if that isn’t fast enough cut out 2 meals for a while. You may lose the 15lbs in a month, it’s no dig deal. These people that spend a couple of years on Janey’s crack or whatever aren’t going to live any longer than if you just stop eating so much for a while. I know this by experience; my own and others. No need to be a fanatic. Some walking with the not eating would be good for you; that won’t really increase the weight loss much. I lost weight that way because I didn’t want to have to buy all new clothes, and now I can’t seem to gain any no matter how much I eat.

  4. Uwak H said :

    exercise in the middle day regularly, don’t eat before sleep evening

  5. Mushu P said :

    my mother just had gallbladder surgery a couple of months ago but not to long, now listen to this, the doctors had one more little thing that you cut to remove it (gallbladder) and they sliced her liver to, so they had to open her up in another place, and now she has big scares, now that`s not the point i know, but once she got home she had to sleep on the couch sitting up or a little leaned back, but she had to cause it was hard for her to go to the bathroom when she would try to sleep on her bed, now. she had pain for about 4 or 5 weeks or a little bit less time than that but what she did was not eat greasy food, walk around a little bit every day, and eat a little less, now she wasn’t big in the first place, but she still had pain in her back and you i imagine that you are not big either, so those are some ways i know that worked a little for my mom, i hope that they will work for you to.

    mushu p

  6. Cherokee Billie said :

    the fastest weight loss is to reduce carbohydrates to a bare minimum. consume protein, fresh vegetables and fruit. Drink at least eight glasses of water at day. Since you just had surgery you should go very easy on the exercise just walk every day. You can read more about this through any of doctor Atkins weight loss books. Once you reach your goal weight you can add back in carbohydrates, but you must measure how much you consume or you will gain the weight back.

  7. Shayna S said :

    obviously if you just had surgery, exercise is not the answer. So I would suggest getting a george foreman and a rice cooker… Eat small servings of brown rice, a vegetable (you can cook some of them on the foreman…zuzucchi and mushrooms are the best. Anyway, buy a bunch of chicken breasts, cut off the fat, and separate them into single breast servings in ziplock freezer bags. Freeze them. Each night, take out a piece of chicken. Marinade how you like (avoiding too much fat & Salt) If you have a family, you can cook them their food, but this is a quick meal to prepare for yourself. 10 mins tops…. My favorite marinades are lemon pepper, mesquite, and hawaiian. Also, a quick chicken Parmesan that isn’t as fattening is grill the chicken, skip the breading, add sauce and a lil cheese. Very goood!!!!! I also keep lean cuisines, smart ones, healthy choice, lean pockets, 100 calorie snacks, pretzels, & rice cakes on standby in cake i don’t feel like cooking or I want a snack. t’s all about moderation, portion size and you will do fine.


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