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I need a fairly easy work out routine that can help me lose weight fast?

I only have about a month. I’d like to lose 10 lbs or more, but i dont expect that cuz i know its difficult. My goal is to lose about 40 but i know theres no way that im going to be able to do that with the little amount of time. thing is though, i’ve tried things before and i just cant stick to them or whatever. any ideas?

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3 Responses to “I need a fairly easy work out routine that can help me lose weight fast?”

  1. Health Fitness Coach 2009 said :

    Check out the fat burning workout videos at… The diet and videos are free.

  2. Raven R said :

    Losing weight is not an easy fix. there are no easy workouts that will work. You have get your heart rate up between 60-75% of your max target heart rate for a minimum of 30 minutes. Yes, you have work and sweat. Keep your calories around 1200 per day and just increase the number of calories you burn every day. btw…1 lb of fat = 3500 calories burned. But, you can’t starve yourself either. Your body has a set BMR(basal metabolic rate) which is the amount of calories your body needs daily to breath, pump blood, digest, etc. Don’t know how much you weigh so I tell you what yours is. If you eat your BMR + 300 calories for daily activity then burn an extra 700-1000 calories a day you would be in a calories deficit and lose weight. See not easy.

  3. Karine said :

    The Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast

    Have plenty of exercise.
    Make up your mind that you are no longer going to be a “couch potato”. Get moving and stick to a regular exercise regime that will help you to burn fat. Start with easy exercises and slowly progress to more difficult ones and for longer periods that will help you to tone down your muscles and get your weight down. Aerobic exercises done to accompanying music is one of the most effective ways to lose weight fast.

    Eat nutritious food.
    Be ready to make a sacrifice and say ‘no’ to chocolates, sodas and fried food. Here also the switch to more nutritious food should be a gradual one so that your body does not feel the change all at once! Start substituting high-fat foods with low-fat ones. Add salads and green vegetables and cereals to your diet. Not only will you decrease your calorie intake but you will start feeling healthier and will even look better!

    Walk about!
    Start walking to the store, or to the gym, or even to work if it is not too far away! It is the best form of exercise and as one gets older, it is the only form of exercise that one should indulge in! Walking has good effects on one’s blood pressure, blood sugar and body weight. In this way the whole body is benefitted.

    Be positive!
    Having a positive attitude is essential to being successful in losing weight. This will keep you motivated and stimulated to be committed to your goal! Surround yourself with family and friends who will also motivate you to be successful in your endeavor to lose weight.


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