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How can I lose weight fast need help!!!!!!?

I need real help. I’m 13 almost 14 and I’m 5’8 and 212lbs I think I’m obese but wutever. I need to now how to lose wieght fast I can’t run In the morning. But I’m free after school and I don’t have any tredmills or anything like at my house sooooo I just got the park and my bike. I need real pro help

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9 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast need help!!!!!!?”

  1. i <3 dogs said :

    eat all healthy foods find run/walk at least 30 mins everyday get at least 60 full mins of exersize everyday and drink lots of water, most importantly stick to a plan

  2. tre_132mp said :

    eat a lot of produce

  3. Jai said :

    Hmmm… running in the morning really gets your metabolism going, but since you can’t, don’t worry, there are still tons of other ways. If you’re not eating breakfast, than start right away– just make sure it’s a healthy breakfast– because that gets your metabolism going. Eat healthy food and avoid sugary/oily fatty foods. Replace unhealthy snacks with more vegetables and fruits and drink water. Make sure you get exercise, so continue biking and try to take some jogs. Don’t overwork yourself. Keep a positive and optimistic view at things too. It’ll relieve stress, and stress is a factor towards weight gain. You’re a pretty tall person, so a lot of that weight is from your bones too 🙂 Remember– eat healthy and exercise!

  4. married08 said :


  5. shawniya said :

    The only thing that concerns me is that you are so young. I advise not to try anything drastic and to be sure you discuss your weight loss efforts with a buddy or more importantly a parent so that someone knows what your goals are. You may even be able to gain some support in this area. At your age, your goal should be healthy and not necessarily skinny. Continue working out but don’t overdo it and keep up with healthy food choices. Most importantly don’t let this strive for weight loss deprive you of being a normal teenager!

  6. Harry K said :

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  7. Adam S. said :

    Do NOT read silly BS online articles about losing weight fast. They are at best apocryphal and at worst damaging to your health.

    Here’s the best weight loss diet (an opinion based on several years of research):

    Eat fewer calories than you expend.

    That’s about all there is to it. Eat less than you burn, and you will lose weight.

    Now there are some nuances to all this.

    Some people will tell you to avoid carbohydrates (e.g. the Atkins diet people). This is not necessary, though it is an option.

    Others will tell you to avoid fats (e.g. the standard party line among medical circles.)

    Bottom line, you need a balanced diet with carbs, protein, and fats. There is no scientifically identified ideal combination, so you (and all of us) are on our own to identify what’s best for us.

    As a general rule, you need at least 1 gram per kilogram of body weight in protein. For a 212 pound person this is 53 grams of protein. This is a MINIMUM.

    Also as a general rule, you should eat carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index – there are many internet resources that will give you the glycemic index of foods, just google it.

    Keep up the biking. This is a great aerobic exercise that will help you burn calories while toning your abs and lower body. Try to add in some weight training or similar exercises that will build muscle mass.

    You cannot lose weight fast – at least not healthily. It took many years for you to gain weight, it will take months to years for you to regain an appropriate body mass index. What is your goal weight? Evaluate this goal in comparison to your current weight. 3500 calories is one pound of fat. Burning that many more calories will reduce your weight by that much.

    Set a goal diet that is appropriate to your gender, age, and weight – if you’re a male, 2200 calories per day is probably a good heuristic for what you need to maintain your weight. If you’re a female, at your age, 2000 calories is probably about right.

    Reduce your caloric intake by 250 or so calories per day (from the stated baseline), then increase your exercise, and you’ll be on the road to a healthy body.

    It WILL take some time, but anything worth doing is worth doing well – which means time and commitment.

    Best of luck to you,

    Adam S

  8. Paloma R said :

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  9. Gabriel Weyland said :

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